This was a man who came out in December 2005 posting a message to Bill Ryan on the Serpo website, wanted to tell about his experiences. His story was when I saw the interview in 2006, honest, somewhat unusual but seemed important.

Mr.X was locked in a vault type room with a guard slipping trash bags full of papers, envelopes and photos to him, all marked Top Secret and higher. He was not allowed out of the room until the late afternoon when the work day was over. He was not a military man but a civilian employee of a Southern California Defense Firm, and his tale is stunning.

Because back in the 1980s, when he was employed by a Californian defense contractor as an archivist. Working long hours in a locked vault, he opened large mail bags full of photos, videotapes, alien artifacts, and volumes of top-secret eyes-only documents that told the story behind Roswell, alien visitation and the government’s careful handling of what was documented evidence for the “reverse engineering” of an alien craft. Only 24 months after his interview with Project Camelot he was dead. Recognize that?

From Project Camelot:

Softly spoken, polite and truthful to a fault in all appearances, Mr X was hard to ignore and impossible to disregard as anything but what he seemed to be: a hard-working believer in the ET presence and courageous crusader on behalf of disclosure. He has chosen to put himself and his family on the line in coming forward. We salute him and applaud his valor.

Mr X, the former UFO archivist who recorded a brief audio message for us for presentation at the recent Las Vegas Crash Retrieval Conference, has died suddenly. He was 48. The cause is unknown.

His wife said this to us in a phone call today: He didn’t want to be famous, he didn’t want money. He just wanted to help everyone. This is exactly the man we knew, and we reproduce those spontaneous words here with her very kind permission.

He leaves behind his beautiful young wife and their one-year old son, both of whom he loved dearly. At the moment we can say no more except that he was our friend, and we are shocked. 13 December 2008

According to me, his story was told with sincerity, and he was revealing some fantastic detailed facts in a way. Like Mr.X story this is the “how” which great investigations take place. where they start. We need more whistleblowers like Mr.X

Transcript of the full interview:


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