Die Glocke – Giant Concrete Rings Built By The Nazis?


These huge concrete rings were built by the Germans during World War II on the coast of the Barents Sea. For decades, the Soviet military limited access to them after the war was over, fuelling speculation about their purpose. Conspiracy theorists and local folk claimed they were test grounds for Nazi wonderweapons and anti gravity devices. These rings, some said, served as launching pads for Nazi UFOs, flying saucers that used antigravity devices that were later captured by the United States and the Soviet Union. Of course, these aircraft were never used again except to spook the conspirators and break their cameras.

No images of these fabled wunderwaffe exist and, given the fact that Nazis documented all their technology experiments with photos and movies (didn’t you see Raiders of the Lost Ark?) it is logical to assume that these UFOs have the power of destroying any cameras around them.


Other people claim that one of these awesome devices was The Bell, a metallic bell-shaped object that was being developed by the Nazis in Poland. The machine was so powerful that the project ended with the killing and mass burial of about 60 scientists working on it because, apparently, it makes sense to kill 60 scientists capable of building these machines instead of putting them to work in, say, a bloody nuclear bomb.


Die Glocke, as it was codenamed by the Nazis, was a hard metal object about 4m to 5m tall and 3m in diameter. Described by a Polish journalist and self-proclaimed military historian based on the alleged testimony of that SS general, the Bell held two counter-rotating 2.5cm thick lead cylinders inside. The cylinders contained a liquid metal called Xerum 525. It looked like mercury but glowed purple while the machine was powered up using high amounts of electricity.



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