Secret NASA War Document Exposed


Hear about the Illuminati plan to make Earth survivable only for themselves. This is also the Illuminati war plan to stay in power in the New World Order and their Agenda 21 plan. This NASA Document still needs to go viral. In fact it`s a declaration of war on the people of the United States and the rest of the world.

Does anyone have any more knowledge about these claims? Because they sound somewhat completely preposterous. Also calculate that they came out/or was put on NASA server on purpose?

This document is full about hyper weapons and other plans that supposedly the U.S. Govt is planning to use on its own people. And not only the US Govt other nations are mentioned to. Unless this lady is an academy award-winning actor, she has this document and appears to believe every word of it. I believe that this NASA War Doc is a newer updated version of the Iron Mountian report, they are almost the same plan, either one can’t be applied without the other. Still more information is needed.

Full PDF Document below, this  is some very interesting information via this document and above video. The interview was done 2013 sometime but still has some very interesting points and theories which connect the dots to chemtrails, gmos, smart meters and more.. The below document was deleted off the NASA website awhile back but it provides a look into the future of warfare. Which will be used against the citizens of this country during martial law.” This is still very interesting to investigate, because NASA here gives a blueprint for future war, and final domination of the human race.  More information is needed thou.


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