UFO caught in Mexico just before the earthquake 18th April 2014


This is a really good UFO video. It has all the characteristic of being genuine I must say. It’s a probe probably remotely controlled and the unstable movement is real after what Bob Lazar told us about these little thingy s. And they say there is never any clear daytime footage, well here is one of them. And I got to say, it kind of reminds me of the Haneubu 1 German Disc Craft from WW2. Looks like a smaller version of the Haunebu I. With the Gun Barrel sticking out beneath.


The April 18, 2014 M 7.2 earthquake near the western coast of Mexico occurred in the state of Guerrero, 265 km southwest of Mexico City. The earthquake occurred as the result of thrust motion at shallow depths. The initial location, depth, and mechanism of the April 18 earthquake are broadly consistent with slip on or near the plate boundary interface between the subducting Cocos oceanic sea plate and the North America plate. This was filmed just before the Mexican Earthquake April 18th.


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