Real UFO encounter occurred in new TV show!

Uncovering Aliens

I found this new series awhile ago, and I gotta say it’s actually pretty good. The investigator does a good job in following up on every single lead. The show reminds me a lot of ” Finding Bigfoot” but its a bit more clean than Finding Bigfoot. But just as good. The best thing with this episode is that one of the so-called skeptics in the team, encounter a UFO observation on his own while broadcasting.

Uncovering Aliens goes across America, and with all rights! There are more UFO sightings than ever before. 6 million Americans believe they’ve had an actual physical encounter with an extra-terrestrial. What lies behind this increasing number of reports? Are these UFO’s actually extra-terrestrial craft? And do our government know more than they are letting on?

A team of four professional UFO investigators has come together to investigate the phenomena. They are traveling across America in attempt to hunt down the truth. This is no ordinary group of investigators. They bring a broad range of skills and experience to the subject to maximise their chance of success. From aeronautics engineering to personal abduction experience this team is unified by one common goal: to uncover the truth behind the growing claims that extra-terrestrial life exists here on planet earth.


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