Diego Maradona – The only real football GOD and he is immortal


Now that the World Cup is under way, there are many applying for the title GOD in Football. But there can only be one. Because it’s not enough only being cute or a superb football player like Messi, Pele or Neymar. You have to have something more. An engagement, A Political view, A persona that sticks out in any crowd. All this and more Maradona has.

I say Maradona is on the exact same legendary list as Elvis Presley ,Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, etc..

First of all, he has never bent over for any authorities and he has always stated his point, what he thinks. I honor him for this. There has been gossip about drugs and other scandals yes! If you are that BIG and Famous it’s obviously inevitable. And Maradona was always aware of what he did, and admitted it like a man. He once said,

” Could you imagine what I could done without drugs”? How stupid I was.

He always said what he thought. He has not hidden things, like some others who turn their sails by the wind. What he said he stood for it. He has a very firm political view and he shares it. His commitment to socialism is indisputable. He has often said, “ Mis héroes son Fidel y Che Guevara”

“Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are my heroes because they risked their lives to go where they are “

Diego Armando and Fidel Castro

And to confirm this, we recently could read how Maradona was denied U.S. Visa for being a Communist? Maradona THE soccer legend was denied a U.S. Visa for a trip to Disney World in Florida due to his Communist beliefs and anti-American views, according to the UK Sun. Politically correct? NO!

But maybe things like that doesn’t bother Maradona now that he has become a GOD?

Argentina's national football team coach

Argentina’s national football team coach and former football star Diego Armando Maradona greets the young artist who painted and presented him with a portrait of revolutionary Che Guevara during the laying of the foundation stone for the Indian Football School at Maheshtala, on the outskirts of Kolkata on December 6, 2008. Maradona laid the foundation stone of the Indian Football School (IFS) on the first day of his two-day visit to the city of Kolkata.

Maradonian Church

Maradonian Church Altar

The Church founded by three men, Hernán Amez, Alejandro Verón and Héctor Campomar, in 2001 in the city of Rosario,186 miles from Buenos Aires, the Maradonian Church now claims 200,000 followers, enrolled online on the official Church website, from countries around the world like the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Afghanistan, Philippines, and Australia.

This unusual personality cult “was created to express and preach throughout the world our love to ‘El Diego’, who has given us so much and has worked miracles”, says Amez, one of the church’s three founding spiritual leaders. Maradona, popularly known as ‘El Diego’ and ‘El Pelusa’ (The Fuzz, due to his frizzy hair) to millions of sports fans, is reverently referred to within the church as D10S, a tetragramma resulting from mixing his playing number (10) with the Spanish word for God (Dios).

But famous or not, all are welcome, Amaz insists. “Any Maradona fan is welcome to this Church. We invite them to our facebook page (Iglesia Maradonian). And in the name of the Tota (Maradona’s mother’s name), and of Mr. Diego (his father’s name) and the fruit of their love (Maradona), the soccer god blesses you all”.



The Maradona Walk

In October of 1994, a march of protesters walked down the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were showing their disgust for the economic policies being put into practice by the Argentine government. First, they sang the national anthem with strong, loud voices. However, soon, something amazing took place. With all the emotion and heart they could muster, the protesters began chanting in unison the popular rock song “And Give Joy to my Heart” by Fito Paéz. What was amazing about this moment was that, by singing this song, they were honoring a national hero…. Diego Maradona. Fito Paéz composed this song during Diego Maradona’s amazing showing in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. ‘

For millions of Argentines, Diego Maradona is a Godlike figure who represents several societal values. He is el pibe de oro (the golden young boy). In Argentina, el pibe is a concept that emphasizes the importance of freshness, spontaneity and freedom, all ideas connected with childhood. Within the context of Argentine society, it is viewed as a good quality to possess and one that is often lost once we reach adulthood.

For this reason, Diego Maradona is viewed in such a reverent perspective. His success on the soccer field has often been accredited to his free nature and youthful approach to the game. One fan, in particular, vividly reveals the passion that exists for Diego Maradona and explains why he is so idolized in Argentina.

maradonian church

It’s not easy being the GOD of your nation’s unofficial religion, and Argentina’s soccer fans have become accustomed to the occasional meltdown by their appointed deity, Diego Maradona. Maradona’s legendary feats as a player the world’s best, in his day earned him the “god” appellation years ago .

And maybe if he was on the field still today, but “with his youth intact” He probably would still be the best player.

Diego Maradona is a legend, a myth, a symbol of the people. Yet, through all of this, Maradona is more importantly a reflection of the World and Argentine ideal. In his social community, he encompasses the desired status of reckless childhood and freedom.

He demonstrates the respected qualities of not only a soccer player but of a society. Even during his troubled years in which he was found to be a drug user and suspended as a result from FIFA participation, he continued to be a national model of morality and social values. Fans were confident that he would overcome this and demonstrate his will. In this manner, he then became a symbol of “freedom,hope,confidence,and faith”

Indeed, no matter the timeframe, Maradona himself has become a cult, a following. Through his success in soccer, he has become as powerful as any politician in his country and has defined many aspects of Argentine life and passion.

Maradona 2013

Maradona today

Maradona tricks and dribbles

Diego Maradona Highlights – The Legend

Diego Maradona is still worshipped 28 years after ‘hand of God’ goal against England

People around the world still worships Diego Maradona as a god. Marodonian Church has 80,000 disciples in 55 countries, including Gary Lineker, Mauricio Pochettino and 1500 from the Tartan Army. Fans sing his praises ..

“In the name of La Tota, the mother, and Don Diego, the father, the fruit of their love, the football god blesses you all – Diego – Diego. Die-goooooo

Here Maradona sings about his life and is acclaimed by the audience

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