CIA – Study of Assassination The Original Documents

CIA Assassination ex

Let me present to you part 2 of the CIA Assassination manual. In 1953 the CIA produced a report titled A Study of Assassination. The document was declassified and released into the public domain in July of 1995. Here is the entire document from 2002. In PDF Link below!

Guidelines is “supposed” to be that Assassination is an extreme measure not normally used in clandestine operations. It should be assumed that it will never be ordered or authorized by any U.S. Headquarters or by any other Nation either. But the latter may in rare instances agree to its execution by members of an associated foreign service. This reticence is partly due to the necessity of committing communications to paper.

CIA Manual Ex

No assassination instructions should ever be written or recorded. Consequently, the decision to employ this technique must nearly always be reached in the field, at the area where the act will take place. Decision and instructions should be confined to an absolute minimum of persons. Ideally, only one person will be involved. No report may be made, but usually the act will be properly covered by normal news services, whose output is available to all concerned. Woth other words, CIA or who ever gives the order under the table. Will never take resposibility for the hit. Deny all knowledge.

PDF Link


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