Do NOT let them fool you – We can make a difference!


Today we live in the western world, where the majority of people and their brains are saturated by internet news, whether, newspapers, television, or radio, the mainstream media infiltrates our lives one way or another. Unfortunately for us, they’re managing to use the immense power granted to them by politicians and corporations to distract us from or disturb our focus from the real problem in the world to mainstream problems. Like which celebrity married who? and other stupid things like that.

Because the mainstream media is a very powerful tool in the belts of giant corporations (Illuminati) who seek to shape our world into whatever will benefit THEIR profits. What used to be a collection of thousands or more companies, who had power and control of our news outlets together has been condensed to 8 mega huge corporations: News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS, Reuters, BBC and Comcast, which was working with various politicians to literally decide which news is delivered to the public, and what level of truth that should be behind these news.

Today they control everything we watch, read, and hear.. through the (mainstream line)

Here a small example of MAINSTREAM NEWS = News simply repeats the same tag-lines & phrases OVER and OVER given to them to read, by “who ever” stands behind them financially. Because there is always attached a certain amount of “ We want your money” in these sites. They are NOT free fully out. “To read more click here will only cost….”

What to look for not to get fooled by the greedy ones.


How we all can stop this privatization madness and corporate dead-man subjects, bankers, and other vampires from sucking you dry, from your free will and awareness. And the fact that you are strong in yourself and you can do what you want without anyone “helping” you for a small “fee”

We have all heard about fake email and mails claiming to be from your bank or credit card company, but scammers don’t limit themselves to those institutions. NO! they show up everywhere they can make a buck. And this is worst after natural disasters and during political campaigns which makes it even more repulsive. The fraudsters are quick to capitalize upon the latest news items to create fake organizations.

They use the names of famous events, people in the news or even claim to be a branch of a government, a nonprofit or a charitable organization, to get you to give them money or your identity. It’s like a plague spreading all over the globe. Its madness. The hunt for money is brainwashed insanity. Today we are in a situation that is quickly going straight down to the shit-barrel. Because the big government and central banks: Are the real criminals you have to watch out for!

False Nonprofit Organizations.

The Real Deal

One of the most frequent questions I get about charitable organizations are, “How do I know if an organization is legitimate?” and “How do I report a possible fraudulent nonprofit?” Well start first with safety. Don’t let your gift fall into the hands of an organization that is at best poorly run and at worst fraudulent. Because there are so many of them out there.

Because once in a while or when you want to get involved in something like helping the poor or take action against the private greed corporations, or gen-modification hysteria of the food, etc. You could sometimes somewhere in that process face, “now we only need your credit-card nr” That’s when you know that this is NOT a nonprofit or a real true organization for its cause. Then you should immediately take a step away. A true nonprofit website is run by ideological nonprofit ideas. It’s also based on goodwill. They will NEVER ask you for your credit-card number. Remember that!

And one of the worst in this area are the Churches. Because this has been thoroughly investigated. The modern Christian churches use brainwashing, mind control, indoctrination, oppression, coercion, intimidation, legalism, false teaching, guilt, shame, peer pressure, and other bondage techniques to control members, increase church attendance, and obtain more money. The goal is said to be “winning souls to Christ,” but the underlying agenda is the desire for more power, control, and money. These mind control and bondage techniques are not needed to win souls to Christ. In fact, they are very counter productive to soul winning. They literally want your souls. You can obey them and pay for whatever they want to do. Because you believe. And if you ever hear a pastor (fake evangelist) or on television say, “God told me to tell you,” then..hold onto your wallet and run.

They shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves Christians or religious, its BS. If you are real Christian you should live by your Bible right? Well REMEMBER then what he said:

“Its harder for a rich person to get into heaven, than it is for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle”

“So long as they continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern. They were born, they grew up in the gutters, they went to work at twelve, they passed through a brief blossoming period of beauty and sexual desire, they married at twenty, they were middle-aged at thirty, they died, for the most part, at sixty. Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and, above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” – George Orwell, 1984

Nobody does that right? No they are brainwashed and at sleep. They wake up in the morning thinking about money. Because they are trained by the Illuminati to believe that money is the way to happiness. It’s just propaganda! I wrote about it here.

Privatization Pure Evil.

Evil Bankers

All of us are for ex: subjected to constant propaganda that government is inefficient, bureaucratic and expensive. We’re told that the answer is to “privatize,” or “outsource” government functions to private businesses and they will do things more efficiently and everyone comes out ahead. As a result we have experienced decades of privatization of government functions.

So how has this wave of privatization worked out? Has privatization saved taxpayers money and improved services to citizens? Simple answer: of course not. If a company can make a profit doing something the government had been doing, it means that we’re losing out one way or another. It’s simple math. And the result of falling for the privatization scam is that taxpayers have been fleeced, services to citizens have been cut way back and communities have been made poorer. But the companies that convinced governments to hand over public functions have gotten rich off of the deal. How is this a surprise? Not to me it isn’t!

They now have their fat greedy fingers in everything. School, Churches, Health Care, Elderly Care, even Prisons? and wherever there’s a buck to earn. They stick their greedy noses in.

They are eating the society up, from the inside to the outside methodically.

But when you look at the results where private corporations have taken over from government ruled company’s. It shows a VERY strong point against that it had been any better with private owned company’s. On the contrary it got worse. Why? Private company’s has to gain PROFIT, so they make cutbacks on almost everything. Like teachers in private schools have always been decreasing substantially after a private take over. There are thousand of example of this behavior.

Recent studies also clearly shows that in America:

“Eager for quick cash, state and local governments across America have for decades handed over control of critical public services and assets to corporations that promise to handle them better, faster and cheaper. Unfortunately for all of us taxpayers, not only has outsourcing these services failed to keep this promise, but too often it undermines transparency, accountability, shared prosperity and competition the underpinnings of democracy itself.”

Because it isn’t ANY democracy if ONE single fat greedy Director runs it all. Now that’s pure dictatorship.

So! the next time someone tells you private companies are always “more efficient” than government, tell them the facts are against them. It has been tried and it didn’t work. So keep your eyes up and be careful. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the greedy ones. To me they appear not to have any soul at all. They must have sold it, in the chase for happiness (money) in their world that is.

You want to get even more really pissed off? Then read “Major Banks Aid in Payday Loans Banned by States” by Jessica Silver-Greenberg

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