Russia’s Secret Plan To Occupy The Moon Revealed

Moon Secrets

My thoughts over this Moon dilemma and whatever happened there. Has probably three alternatives regarding the US whereabouts on the Moon. Either they where there, and for some reason cant return. Or they where never there, they faked it so they wouldn’t loose face against the Russians who already had a man in space. Or they where there just to find a Russian Tank already placed there. And maybe not to risk World Peace which was very fragile at that time. They left and never went back? Some new documents really points towards the last alternative. Even how crazy it might sound.

Lunar Tank


The Russians may not have sent a man to the Moon, but on this day 40 years ago, the Soviet Union guided the first unmanned rover to the Earth’s closest neighbor. The automatic remote-controlled robots also known as ‘Lunar tanks’ roamed the Moon’s surface, revolutionizing space exploration.

The Moon – Russia’s Secret Zone

Russian documentary written and Directed by: Vitaly Pravdivcev. The Moon – for thousands of years people have looked at this mysterious disc, wondered about its origin, dreamed to land on its surface . And then it was the time when the dream began to be realized. Trying to outdo each other cosmic states rushed to the Moon, flew around it, photographed its unseen side, using machines they brought samples from the Moon’s surface. And finally – the moment of truth:Earthlings walk on its surface. In front of them is an even more challenging plan – Settlements on the Moon, a rocket launcher for exploration of outer space. And suddenly all projects were suspended. On Earth, produced rockets remained unused; moon rovers and also, scientific equipment. What happened? After 2009 there are still no plans no flights planned for to the Moon. Why?

And it might not surprise you to learn that Russia still has some pretty ambitious territorial ambitions over the next twenty years. But on the Moon?

Vladimir Putin has reportedly outlined a plan to put a permanent Russian colony on the surface of the Moon by 2030. The plan is detailed in a draft government program, prepared by the Russian Academy of Sciences, research institutions and the Ros-Cosmos space agency, and published by the Izvestia newspaper.

The document outlines a three-stage plan which would start with robotic craft being sent to the Moon by 2016. That move follows China’s recent successful mission to place a robotic explorer on the surface. India and Japan are also preparing missions to explore the Moon, while Nasa which last walked on the surface 42 years ago – also has designs on going back.

Russias moon secrets

Russia’s robotic explorers would be succeeded by manned missions to orbit the Moon in 2028. A final stage, planned for 2030, is planned in which humans would land on the Moon and create a permanent base for exploration, using local resources. The Moon base would likely be constructed with rocks and cement made from the Moon’s surface.

The program would eventually lead to an Earth and space observatory on the Lunar surface. Russia also foresees its Moon base as a launchpad for missions into deeper space, and a “treasure trove” of valuable resources, possibly including water.

Russia says the plan is necessary in the phase of what appears to be a new space race:

“Leading space powers will expand and establish their rights to convenient lunar footholds to ensure future opportunities for practical use,” the plan says.

The first stage of the mission should cost around $815 million, according to the leaked document, with the following two stages costly vastly more. Russia says it wants to partner with private companies to make the missions happen, but maintains a Russian program and not a collaboration with NASA, ESA or any other space agency.

“The independence of the national lunar program must be ensured regardless of the conditions and the extent of the participation in it by foreign partner,” the report says.

Needless to say there are still a lot of unknowns here – not least whether Russia can actually afford it, and whether they have the technology to get to the Moon safely and stay there for an extended period. But what is clear from the document, and the stated aims of the world’s other great space agencies, is that someone is going back to the Moon. It’s just a case of when… and why.

US also had plans for the Moon

Recently declassified government documents revealed that at one time the US was considering establishing a surveillance station on the moon. These declassified government documents were released to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on the celestial body.

The plan, which predates the moonwalk by a decade, went under the codename ‘Project Horizon’ and was officially filed in 1959. At that time, the desire was to build a communications system for, per the document, “facilitating communications with and observation of the earth.” The 100-page plan doesn’t stop there, though.

Using the moon as a launch pad for sending projectiles towards both our planet and into space was proposed. Exploding a nuclear missile on the moon was also being considered.

The point of doing so would have been to assess how effective such a means would have been against aliens based upon how the radiation fallout would affect them. Thankfully, that never came to pass.



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