The Melting Arctic Makes Way For Making More Money


I’m not even sure what to say about this stupid attempt to make money, except that it’s outrageously counter-productive and a non empathic behavior. Anything for the almighty dollar as usual. And If you longing to see, up really close, an actual polar bear clinging to an actual shrinking ice floe, here’s your chance. Isn’t it wonderful?

Because of climate change and the melting of the Arctic, the cruise line Crystal Cruises plans to send passengers on what it bills as the first luxury ship to “traverse the Northwest Passage.” The ship, Crystal Serenity, will set sail beginning in August 2016 on ”a mystical Pacific-Atlantic sea route far beyond the Arctic Circle that for centuries captured the imaginations of kings, explorers and adventurers.” The cruise will last 32 days and fares start at $20,000.

Part of the reason that the Northwest Passage captured so many imaginations for so many centuries was that it was choked with ice and impossible to navigate. Climate change has set off a scramble to control the now-accessible shipping routes and mineral rights. The Crystal Serenity is simply following the wakes of the freighters that are already plying the Arctic. The company says it intends to use the cruise to teach customers about climate change. “During this voyage, speakers will enlighten guests on information regarding climate change, and how it has impacted this passage,” Thomas Mazloum, Crystal’s executive vice president, told the maritime website gCaptain.

Incidentally, the carbon footprint of a cruise ship, per passenger, is three times larger than that of a 747 flight. For a trip focused on witnessing first-hand environmental catastrophe largely caused by carbon dioxide, it’s odd that the phrase “carbon footprint” appears nowhere on the page announcing the special offer, or the cruise’s FAQ.


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