Update: We Are Headed Into World War III

WW3on the way

Update: 2015-06-24

US billionaire investor Georges Soros warns the world is on the brink of WW III unless the US financial system opens up to China. But a former US diplomat told RT that it has nothing to do with the economy, but everything with bad US geopolitical policy.

“If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war,”

Soros was quoted as saying by MarketWatch at the Bretton Woods conference at the World Bank. Soros added that if China’s efforts to establish a domestic-driven economy fail, it could turn to launching an external conflict to distract its population. To avoid disaster, Washington needs to strengthen its economic ties with Beijing, according to Soros.

The former US diplomat and advisor to the Republican Party, James George Jatras, told RT that “a remote possibility” of war is possible, but not because of the economy or China’s currency. Potential conflict could only come from the United States’ poor geopolitical choices that do not benefit the American people.

Georges Soros

“I do question the reasons he gives for suspecting that there is this danger..This has nothing to do with the economy, nothing to do with currency, and everything to do with very bad American geopolitical policy that has alienated the Russians, it is alienating the Chinese and pushing the Russian and Chinese closer together. This is not in the American interest,” Jatras said.

The idea that the China will deliberately provoke a confrontation with an American ally to distract its population if its economy has problems in the future is “an absurd suggestion,” he said.

The main problem is the US expanding its security presence right alongside “the vital interest of another rising power” for the reasons that clearly do not benefit the US.

“What we really need to do and what Mr. Soros is not talking about at all is to reevaluate what our strategic presence in some of these regions that are far from the US, but very close to China. There is a possibility of confrontation there.”

The US is strengthening its relationships with certain countries not based on what is best for its own economy, but what will best contain China.

“What kind of argument is that? We should be doing things that benefit our own country, our own people, our own workers. Not because it is going to somehow bottle up China, which I think is a dangerous thing to try to do,” Jatras said.

“In some ways I think we are doing in the South China Sea what we did in Ukraine, with respect to Russia. We are inserting a security presence right up against the vital interest of another rising power at the reasons not entirely clear how they benefit the US.”

And as if this wasn’t enough, Putin is now adding 40 new missiles to Russia’s nuclear arsenal due to US Nato`s aggressive behavior in the area.

‘It’s Dangerous Nuclear Sabre-Rattling’ Said Nato

But this was a secondary response from Russia IMHO to the US aggression, where plans to add 40,000-strong rapid response force in E. Europe was revealed on Monday. Link

Evil Albert Pike

This is how it is! The United States is very soon completely broke as a nation. All assets have been seized by the private funding in the United States and used. So they are now in desperate need of a war, so to speak, press the reset button. And finance who always want more pushing for this to happen.

We Are Headed Into World War III

The signs are not a few, as we can see on a daily basis that things are piling up towards a new World War. When confusion and misinformation get together in the dark, paranoia is popping up everywhere. Fears of war, violence, and oppression fester and grow in the minds of the populace pushing everything but a misguided assurance of certain doom into the shadows. Out of this cramped and huddled mindset we get the bastardized half-brother of critical thinking: conspiracy theories which are actually more real than just theories. Claiming that World War III is just over the horizon is as crazy as it gets, but the state of the world is showing some serious similarities to the pre–World War II global picture. And history is a creature of habit. USA´s engraving behavior in handling the Ukraine crisis and also contributing to it has been a huge failure all along. Russia has out maneuvered the US all the way so far. And now US is sticking its head back into the bee’s nest with the new IRAQ situation.

Putin signs deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures after signing a treaty to incorporate Crimea into Russia in the Kremlin in Moscow, Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Putin described the move as the restoration of historic injustice and a necessary response to what he called the Western encroachment on Russia’s vital interests.

Professor Francis Boyle:

“We are in a very serious, dangerous, near-cataclysmic situation, both with respect to Russia over Ukraine, and then the disintegration of Iraq and Syria as states, setting off a general Middle East war that also could pull in Russia, and has already pulled in Iran. World War III could break out very soon, at any time here, if Obama keeps moving the way he is. … I also wanted to point out, of course, that Obama is threatening war against China too”

Kevin Freeman:

“A global financial analyst with expertise in financial warfare and terrorism, warned that Russia, along with allies like China, could cripple the U.S. financial system. It’s not a theory but a “very real reality” that should not be ignored, he said. “The real risk is if we go after them with economic weapons, they come back after us and this creates World War III,” said Freeman, who has consulted for the Pentagon, CIA and FBI. ”This is a very tough game of chicken that we’re playing, and Putin is serious.” “The threat of economic warfare is nothing new. Freeman, who was hired by the Pentagon as a contractor to investigate the 2008 stock market crash, believes the economic crisis was the result of a purposeful attack on the U.S. financial market by a state actor or by financial terrorists. Last September, For The Record revealed how hostile nations such as China and Russia may have been the instigators of the 2008 crash and how a system with substantial growing debt is vulnerable to such attacks” “There is no doubt that Russia has been thinking long and hard about how to disrupt U.S. power and the value of the dollar in the global market,” a U.S. defense official said. “We’re mindful but I don’t think we’re mindful enough. One thing is certain the greatest threat to our stability is not a conventional war but the destabilization of our economy by an enemy.”

And now Russia has 30,000 troops poised on Ukraine’s borders to maybe take even more parts of that country. And Syria’s civil war enters its third year. Yes, other nations once part of the Soviet Union look at Crimea and shake with fear. And, yes the rest of Europe and the United States are now conducting an economic war against Russia. But even more is going on across the globe that points to preparations for the next World War. Russian troops

Consider China’s insistence that it controls all air and sea lanes in the East China Sea as part of its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), excluding South Korea, Japan and other island nations from using those spaces without its O.K. That’s a tough one to crack also. Also ignored are the thousands of Christians that radical Muslims slaughter in Africa each week especially in “Dying-too-young” Nigeria or the falling economies crippling nations, such as Ghana and South Africa, on that continent. The same economic sickness also ripples throughout Central and South America. It looks really bad folks! As I have stated in my several previous articles the obvious about the insane push for war by the criminals in the US administration. They are now running scared, after that Russia haven’t backed down an inch, and now they know that their days are numbered not only due to the potential total collapse of the US economy that could happen as early as this coming winter. But have faced a Russia, that has shown strength and ingenuity. To understand the insanity of the US government, and their push for World War III to basically save their collective butts, I want to present the following very important article from the Voice Of Russia website, at www.voiceofrussia.com. This important article again shows clear evidence and exactly what I have been saying for a very long time that the US administration will indeed cause World War III to occur just to divert the American public’s attention away from their own collapsing economy! Here is that article right here for everyone to view for themselves.

It is often speculated that some members of the US establishment are pushing Ukraine towards a military conflict with Russia. But why do it in such a hurry? A Russian economist claims that he knows the answer, alluding to the link between the latest international crisis and the fate of the US currency. Russian diplomats have repeatedly criticized the US for not trying to restrain their Ukrainian underlings in order to make them respect the agreement reached during the recent Geneva meeting. US-sponsored Ukrainian junta is trying to provoke Russia to intervene in Ukraine in order to protect ethnic Russians and supporters of federalization.

There can be only two results for such policy. Ukraine will either become the battleground for a long and bloody civil war or will become the target for a Russian military intervention. From the American point of view it is a possible win-win situation. If there is a civil war, the delivery of natural gas to Europe will be disrupted hurting both the European and the Russian economy. If Moscow decides that it has to intervene in Ukraine, Washington will ignore the ethic Russians killed by the US-sponsored junta and will claim that Russia is an aggressor. Such a strategy will give Washington a chance to force the EU to institute hard economic sanctions against Russia, but

such sanctions will hurt the EU even more than Russia.

Sergey Glazyev

According to Sergey Glazyev, economic ad-visor to President Putin, European Union stands to lose 1 trillion euro, if hard economic sanctions against Russia are enacted . Mikhail Khazin, the president of Neokon economic advisory company, believes that the US is trying to preemptively hurt the regional currencies and their associated economies before the US dollar loses its status as the main global currency:   “ The US doesn’t have that much time in order to prepare for a serious weakening of the US dollar on the global stage and, conversely, for a serious strengthening of regional currencies’ role. The maximum amount of time they can count on is 18 months. During this period they must prepare for a situation in which their main instrument of global control, i.e. the control of the circulation of the main global reserve and trade currency, will become seriously weakened,” he wrote in a recent blogpost cited by the Russian media outlets.

No matter how this turns out, I will hold the US and their “money makers” responsible for whatever happens from now on. They have been the aggressors, they have intrigued against Russia and all the other states that is concerned by this behavior. I believe it started with the Arabic states that wanted to get rid of the dollar. The so-called Arabic spring. When nations like Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, was going to create a new currency the “Gold Dinar” I wrote about it HERE

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  1. I Believe There Will Be An World War III In The World Today As We Witness The News That Will
    Someday We Will Experience The Rumor Of Wars Foretold And Predicted By Jesus Prophecied
    The End That Will Happen During The Great Tribulation And His Return Is Soon To Come!

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