Russia Warns: NATO ‘must not’ get closer to our limit

Russian Soldier

More foreign approach from NATO to Russia’s borders are unacceptable, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua referring to Russian TVC. Meanwhile, Sweden’s participation in the NATO enlargement harsh internal criticism.

– It is in our interest to ensure that all arrangements on public security in the Euro-Atlantic region is maintained, Lavrov said, according to the news agency.
NATO member countries during their summit in Wales have adopted a plan for the alliance’s expansion in Eastern Europe should look. It has, among other things, agreed to create a special “rapid reaction force” to be deployed in Eastern Europe and could be deployed against Russia when needed.

Sweden host country for nuclear war?

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s government is also about to sign a contract as a host country with NATO support, making it possible for the Swedish government to allow Sweden “host” for NATO in the event of a nuclear war with Russia, writes New Technology. The idea is that nuclear operations and other military strike against Russia to be fired from Sweden of foreign military personnel – despite the fact that Sweden is not a member of NATO. Meanwhile, Sweden is to receive nuclear counterattacks from the Russian territory, which is welcomed by the USA with the help of its missile shield has been given a protective capability even at full-scale nuclear war.

Sweden can be a heap of sand

At the same time expressed the criticism that the Swedish government’s trying to find a way to sneak into NATO, not least because the country would turn into a pile of sand at a military conflict between Russia and NATO. Hirdman is former Ambassador and Undersecretary of Defense. He told Swedish Radio that it is the result of a policy that has been engaged in for nearly two decades and that is not beneficial Sweden. Rather than advocating a strict Hirdman Swedish neutrality.

– It is a policy that we’ve had in 200 years and that the majority of the Swedish people believe has served us well. We were not involved in either the first or second World War or the Cold War, however. And to abandon such a policy that has such strong support among the Swedish people it’s a hard thing for politicians. Why you use this method instead, to go forward in a concrete work with small steps, he says to Swedish Radio.

One can wonder if this decision from Sweden to host eventual NATO attacks against Russia has triggered all airspace violations lately. Just today Russian fighter jets came into Swedish airspace again. This took place Wednesday in what the Defence Forces believes was a deliberate violation. The experience Expressen. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, confirms that the government is aware of the incident. A Swedish Griffin Fighter was sent up as a mark against them Russian fighters.

The Russian fighters had first flown along the Polish coast before turning north at Bornholm to set course straight towards Öland Sweden. They turned eastward as the Swedish fighter caught up with them.

More unrest..

And as Russia is warning NATO against granting membership to Ukraine saying the move could derail all peace efforts. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also warned the US against imposing its will on Ukraine. He urged Kiev and pro-Russians to back Moscow’s peace proposal to avert a large-scale crisis. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin laid out a seven point plan for ending months of hostilities in eastern Ukraine. Lavrov also vowed that Russia will take practical steps to de-escalate the crisis in eastern Ukraine. Moscow has for long regarded a NATO membership for Ukraine as a national security threat. Pro-Russian forces have been fighting Kiev troops since mid-April in a conflict that has killed over 25-hundred people.



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