Apollo 20 and the Izsak Delporte Images

apollo-20-Izsak Delporte

Apollo 20 and the Izsak Delporte Images

This story began in early April 2007, when a person with the user name ‘retiredafb’ began posting a series of video-clips on YouTube. These was described as to be from ‘Apollo 20′, a secret joint U.S./Soviet space mission in 1976 to examine a crashed UFO near the crater Izsak Delporte on the far side of the Moon.

Williams Rutledge Story

The YouTube postings drew the attention of Italian journalist Lusa Scantamburlo, who conducted an on-line correspondence with ‘retiredafb’ over the spring and summer. ‘retiredafb’ said his real name was William Rutledge, and that he had been born in Belgium in 1930, emigrated to the U.S., and worked for the aircraft manufactures Avro and Chance Vought. He later worked for Bell Laboratories and the U.S. Air Force. Rutledge said that he had studied Soviet technology, such as the N1 Moon rocket, the ‘AJAX plane project’, and the ‘Mig Foxbat 25′. He said that he was skilled in computer navigation and had volunteered to be an astronaut for the Air Force’s Manned Orbiting Laboratory. This was a space station for reconnaissance missions, canceled in 1969, and never flown. He was not selected and worked on the KH-11 reconnaissance satellite before retiring.

The Apollo 15 mission, according to Rutledge, photographed a crashed alien mother-ship on the far side of the Moon, which was never visible from Earth. The following year, the Apollo 17 mission also photographed the alien ship. And so far all is correct.


Plans were made for two secret NASA/U.S. Air Force Space Command Apollo missions to examine it. These were Apollo 19 and 20, which were launched from Vandenberg AFB in California, rather than the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (The Apollo 18 mission was the American half of the joint U.S./Soviet Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) flown in 1975.) As we know now the Apollo 19 mission ended in tragedy. Rutledge said that telemetry was lost at the end of the engine burn to send the spacecraft to the Moon. The reason was not understood at the time, but Rutledge believed it was due to a collision with a ‘quasi-satellite’ or a meteor. We can only speculate!

Despite the loss of the first mission, plans went ahead for Apollo 20. Rutledge was the mission commander; Lena Snyder, also from Bell Labs, was the CM pilot; while Alexei Leonov was the LM pilot. A Soviet cosmonaut, he was the first man to walk in space, and the commander of the Soyuz which docked with Apollo 18 during the ASTP mission. The Apollo 20 CSM was named Constellation, while the LM was Phoenix. The mission control was at Vandenberg rather than Houston. The call sign ‘Vandenberg’ was used in the audio posted on YouTube videos. Three hundred people were involved with preparing the Saturn V at Vandenberg. Why Rutledge, Snyder, and Eilis were selected for the Apollo 19 and 20 crews was not made clear. Rutledge said only that he had been picked because he did not believe in God.


The Apollo 20 launch was made from Vandenberg AFB on August 16, 1976. The launch was seen, but people did not know it was a Saturn V booster. The YouTube videos included shots of Snyder entering the capsule (with his back to the camera), the launch itself, video from the LM as it prepared to land, photos of the mother-ship from orbit, and surface photos of a city on the Moon. This was described by Rutledge as only debris, except for one building.

Rutledge and Leonov entered the alien ship and found many signs of biology vegetation in the ‘motor’ section, special triangular rocks which emitted ‘tears’ of a yellow liquid which has some special medical properties, and of course signs of extra solar creatures.” Two alien bodies were still in the mother ship, one was in very poor condition, while the other was an intact female body. Dubbed ‘Mona Lisa’, she was 1.65 meters tall. Unlike her earthly namesake, Rutledge said she had six fingers on her hands. ‘Piloting devices’ were attached to both her fingers and eyes, while two cables were on her nostrils.Rather than clothes, she was covered in a thin transparent protective layer. Rutledge commented that the body “seemed not dead not alive.” He and Leonov attached their biomedical sensors to her body, and telemetry was received by mission control. In all, Rutledge said he and Leonov spent seven days on the Moon exploring the alien ship. This was about twice as long as the Apollo 15, 16, and 17 crews had each spent on the surface. Rutledge said that since 1990, he had lived in Rwanda under a false identity, and had not spoken English during that time, only Kinyarwanda and French. So what to believe of this? Or the question remains who would produce such an extraordinarily elaborate and expensive hoax and why?

Other Information and Analysis

First William Rutledge (retiredefb´s) real name is Thierry Speth from France. Apparently he is a photographer who is literally obsessed with the moon, UFO´s, and Aliens. In simple words he have what we call the UFO Disease. You can see the results from this disease in some astronauts, popular authors, Roswell “witnesses, and so on, It’s when getting attention for a lie in this field, you expand it. I believe that the videos he did posted on YouTube was hoaxes. And Dr. Michael E. Salla proved that there were many inaccuracies in Rutledges videos. Among them Dr. Salla also proved that the sounds in the Apollo 20 was a ripoff from Apollo 15. But nevertheless do not forget that the images of the spaceship in Izsak Delporte was taken by Apollo 15 & 17 and they are real and need an explanation. These images can’t just be explained away, they are real and are presented in NASA´S image archive, where also the mission names and other numbers are correct. And you got to admit that the “Ship” look very out-of-place with its sharp edges and its distinctive appearance. Link


And while looking at the NASA Apollo Images and looking at this long UFO in one of the craters you have to remember that this is official NASA photos existing in their archives and thus cannot be disputed or debunked. Or maybe?

Supposed Historical Events

And why haven’t we been to the moon for over 43 years? Well according to some, this was probably because the aliens had decided no further landings would be permitted.

Dr. Salla also came to the same conclusion as well as several whistle-blowers indicated that this “…is the real reason why the Apollo moon landings were quietly terminated after the 1971 Apollo 17 mission.” I could believe this to!

And in an effort to give researchers/scientist´s of today the chance to build a spaceship that would have the ability to go to the moon and land, and then manages to maneuver it´s way back home again. Be built with the same hardware and the same terms / conditions which in 1969 was concluded, however, that this was not possible with contemporary equipment. They blamed it on a huge lack of hardware and computer-power. Because the Apollo computers had less processing power than an older cellphone. (Apollo Guidance Computer) They also put blame on the costs? However, this is BS I think.

Also read: Moon Landing Hoax! NASA Unwittingly Reveals Van Allen Radiation Belts Prohibit Human Spaceflight.


And see the movie Capricorn One, that´s all I´ll say.

But maybe we did go to the moon? just to find it occupied by an intelligent race of beings, who just didn’t want us there anymore. Or maybe we didn’t go to the moon at all, that it was just a publicity stunt by US not to lose face in front of the Russians. Because the Russians managed to build the first human-made object to reach the surface of the Moon. ( Soviet Union’s Luna 2 mission, on 13 September 1959.)

Either way you put it, the pictures from Apollo 15 and 17 are supposed to be real. And that in itself does not make the whole story less interesting.

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Also read New Evidence Provided By William Rutledge Link


3 thoughts on “Apollo 20 and the Izsak Delporte Images

  1. It saddens me that the websites hyping this as a real secret mission get so much buzz and traffic, and the sites that debunk and have actual evidence of a hoax are ignored. Foolish humans.

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