The Abominable Cults of Greed and Power


Let’s take a look at the greedy churches and various denominations. And how they systematically impoverish people who are involved in these. Many people view the institutional church as self-serving. But it wants to constantly increase its money and power NOT for self-preservation. It’s all about greed. People have also been burned by the institutional church. Clergy have abused children. Televangelists have gotten rich on donations. Therefore, many view Christianity as a self-serving religion, but it does very little in comparison to help the poor.

And for you who hasn’t read “The Thriving Cults of Greed and Power”  then, it is an article, written in 1991 by U.S. investigative journalist Richard Behar, which is highly critical of Scientology. But it’s really not that far from your local churches. Because all religions and their churches are big landowners, everywhere around the world. And as an example we can take a look at the catholic church. Which is one of the biggest landowners in the world.

Catholic church own not only the 110 acres of The Holy See that constitute Vatican City. It’s also roughly 177 million more acreage of various lands owned by the Catholic Church throughout the globe, including the hundreds of Vatican embassies that are legally titled to The Holy See as an independent nation. So when talking about greed this must not be forgotten.


The Mormon Church is set to buy nearly 400,000 acres of land in Florida, making it the state’s largest single property owner. An affiliate of the this church will now buy another 382,000 acres of land in northwest Florida for $565million, according to details of a deal announced Thursday. The property is timberland spread across eight Florida counties.

The deal will almost double the 400,000 acres already controlled by the church, pushing past 750,000 acres, according to the Tampa Bay Times, vaulting the church past number two landholder Foley Timber and Land Co, which has 562,000 acres, and real estate trust Plum Creek’s 448,000 acres.

Jehovas Witnesses Watchtower

Jehovas Witnesses not long ago sold of 34 buildings in Brooklyn NY, and that’s only in Brooklyn. Jehovas Witnesses owns property and land everywhere they are represented. They like any other religion use it has a pretext to get more money. Thats all!

Another example: How much land does the Church of England own? The church owns large tracts of land in cathedral cities such as Canterbury, Ely, Peterborough and York and in towns such as Huntingdon and Kelmscott. More recently, it has invested in industrial estates in Swindon and Waltham Cross and shopping areas including the Cribbs Causeway Centre in Bristol. Its interests also spread to European property, with a stake in ING Property Fund Central Europe. And add to what they own before this “The Church Commissioners’ 56-page report” Maybe you get a hint of how much they own?

Not not to forget are these greedy televangelists. These outrageously wealthy preachers have more than they will ever need. And they don’t deserve what they already got.

All religions, no matter where, have equipped themselves with everything they could access of ordinary people’s possessions. And to be able to take everything they’ve used old scare stories and playing on people’s fears. With this method, they have become some of them absolute largest land owner and proprietor of wealth. Disgusting!

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