143 witnesses Saw A Slowly Moving Dark Flying Triangle With Low Humming Sound

Triangle UFO chased by fighter jets

This case is quite interesting. And it contains the ordinary coincidences that always seem to surround this topic. “The radars have been turned off” or ” “I’ve changed my mind, I didn’t see anything” or ” The official report is gone” etc.. Martinsburg has quite a record when it comes to UFO sightings. List One witness say: ” Lots of people see strange things here, but don’t bother reporting it. It is very active here. It always has been.” This case reminds me of The Phoenix lights except that this object was smaller. Many state that all the Triangle crafts are Government made, but I personally don’t think all of them are. Why scramble Jets to intercept in that case? And if they have this super technology, why not wipe ISIS off the map one dark evening in that case?


The witness, her daughter and step-brother were driving to a grocery store when they noticed a large triangular object flying overhead. A few minutes later they reached the store and began observing the object from the parking lot. Several photos and video clips were taken of the object. The object was dark with a light at each apex of the triangle. There were several more lights (not visible on the photos or video). The object continued to circle the area and was flying low and quite slow. The object emitted a low humming sound. The witnesses watched the object for nearly 30 minutes. Skies were clear at the time of the sighting. They then went into the grocery store. When they came back outside the object was gone.

The witness’s mother and a co-worker heard the loud sound of military jets fly overhead right after the object was sighted. These jets were thought to have been scrambled from the nearby West Virginia Air National Guard at Martinsburg, WV. The lights appeared to change color in unison and were sometimes green, white or orange. The lights also flashed. The witnesses were positive that the object was not a conventional aircraft.

Martinsburg Triangle UFO

Note: A similar object was reported to the local county sheriff’s office on Jan 8, 2015. Over 100 witnesses reported seeing the object. One of the witnesses sent a report to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). A report and photos were posted on the sheriff’s office website. The report and photos have since been removed. That report follows: Sound only

I was at home. I received a call from a relative at approximately 10:20 PM on 1/8/15. The relative asked if I’d heard what was occurring with an unknown object flying throughout the area. I hadn’t. The relative then stated since shortly after 9:00 PM over 143 witnesses had contacted the County Sheriff’s Dept. reporting an unknown object flying very low and making no sound within the surrounding area. The relative then sent me pages from the County Sheriff’s webpage where I was able to read eyewitness reports and official responses. Fifteen to twenty minutes after the call my relative then stated police were reporting that the object was flying low over a main building in town close to where I live.

I went to the bathroom window giving me a line of sight view in the direction indicated. I saw a low, large slow-moving object with a single whitish/blue light in the front and two same color lights in the back (one located on each side of the object). They were not blinking. There seemed to be a considerable distance between the two sides at the back and there appeared to be a “raise” at the point where the lights were connected. The body of the object the lights were adhered to was dark to dark gray. After about 30 seconds after seeing the object it turned slowly in a SW direction at which point I lost sight of it.

At the time I remember feeling odd about how something of that size was able to move that slowly at such a low altitude without stalling. And although that ended the duration of my sighting the object continued to be sighted and reported throughout the community to the local authorities by phone and police website for another 40 to 45 minutes. Official responses continued to the ongoing multiple sightings being reported up through approximately 11:20 PM at which time the Sheriff’s department website was closed.

Prior to this, county officials stated the local Air Guard couldn’t pick the object up on radar because it was flying at a number of 81.0 and the radar was set at 121.6 to 123.4. Further statements by officials included information indicating two jets had been dispatched from a nearby Maryland military facility to investigate and that by checking with FAA and local military (Air Guard /regional airports) the object was neither military or civilian.

Although my sighting occurred at approximately 10:35 PM. the first reported sighting occurred at approximately 9 to 9:10 PM. There were also numerous pictures sent to the website of the object. Although the lights match what I saw the darkened body in at least one of the pictures looks different. This may be because I saw the object from it’s left side and the picture appears to have been taken from below the object. The incident was at the time of this writing over 48 hours ago and to my knowledge there has been no further information given to the community regarding it.

Just an ordinary day in paradise..


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