Our anecdotal history has a possible answer

Anunnaki on Earth

I would like to straighten out the various and huge amount of information regarding UFO`s who built them and where they are from. Lets start by dividing the different theories in lets say 5 category’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you divide the UFO spectra to these five main categories you can then more easily sort out the variations of them. Because if you look at the UFO phenomena as a total. It is basically only 5 theories that really holds ground. IMHO that is.

Now remember that this is a very huge information field. there are thousands of sources and heavy reading to do, before you can get even a hint or a clue to whats going on. Add also all the lectures being held around the globe regarding this field.

First Theory

The Anunnaki connection. After the Anunnaki left there must have been tons of technology left after them. (According to some sources many of the Anunnaki also stayed behind) Since they were suppose to have been here hundreds of thousands of years. However since the flood (Mentioned in cuneiform tablets) probably wiped out most of it, this becomes a bit unsure. Of course you have the old star-bases in the middle-east like the Star-command in Jerusalem and Baalbek in Palestine. And thousands of other ruins and artifacts supporting it. But as most of it today are ruins and the artifacts have proven difficult to determine the age on may of them. Did Nibiru survive? I strongly believe that Nibiru is destroyed. So for them to return from Nibiru would not be easy. Maybe they escaped in time and will come back. But in that case from another celestial body than Nibiru.

Anunnaki-Carving 2

And a lot of other buildings have through the years been built on top of them. So if something did survive and someone was there to take care of it, then maybe the UFO phenomena have some relation in certain cases to this. Also the notion that  the military is hiding aliens or alien spacecraft, or that they have contact and are making “deals” with the Aliens I leave unanswered. But if another race of EBE`s could’ve come here, they are in just that case, beings just like you and me.

Anunnaki leader Enki said: “We are not gods, we are beings just like you”

Second Theory

Nazi`s during world war II, captured a flying disc in the Black Forrest in Germany 1936. It`s said that it was transported to Wewelsburg where they started to attempt the back engineering of the extraterrestrial spacecraft. The German writer, John Von Helsing, describes the discovery of a crashed saucer in the Black Forest, near Freiburg, in 1936 and says that this technology was taken and combined with the information the Vril Society had received through channeling and was made into a further project called the Haunebu.


After the Nazi`s lost WWII to mainly the Russians and Americans. It`s said that Operation Paperclip was born. And this was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.

The majority of the scientists, numbering probably thousands, were deployed at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama to work on guided missile and ballistic missile technology. This in turn led to the foundation of NASA and the US ICBM program.

The Nazi scientists were apparently forced to continue developing these former German crafts. And this can be the explanation to the UFO phenomena in US some say. However I do firmly! NOT believe that. It could explain some sightings if they continued to develop these inventions from Germany. But as I saw in one documentary where they connected the German/US disc to Roswell is absolutely not the truth I believe.

Third Theory

They are multidimensional beings. What we know is that all beings are multidimensional including humans. Our problem is that we have forgotten our multidimensional nature and have been disconnected from much of ourselves. However the ET`s visiting us still have this ability and can appear both as a physical or esoteric being.


Witnesses state that, the communication used in an encounter is telepathic. Although sometimes you may actually hear words. Generally telepathy involves the transmission of feelings which the receiver can then put into words much like a translation. In the past, these meetings were mistaken, people assuming that they were angels. When they in fact were physical live beings. Just from another planet.


Extraterrestrials are any beings incarnated in the 1st to the 9th dimension that come from a planet other than Earth. There is an amazing variety of life in this Universe and the number of life forms is nothing short of miraculous.

There are civilizations and cultures living on and within many planets all over the Universe. They come in all shapes and sizes such as insect-like giants, dolphins or other humanoid beings. In all of the 9 material dimensions there is a birth and death experience as a being incarnates into the life form and eventually leaves.

In higher dimensions it is not uncommon for beings to live for thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands. On these planets and in the dimensions inhabited by such long-lived beings you would find places of amazing harmony and spiritual knowledge. To us these worlds would seem like heaven and in a sense they are. In fact compared to our lives on Earth almost the entire Universe is heaven from a dualistic point of view.

It is quite possible for humans to incarnate on other planets in between lives on Earth. It is also possible for ETs to incarnate here for a life and this has occurred many times throughout history.

Many investigators actually do claim that these beings are multidimensional. To this they can add statements like:

“Alien space crafts are usually invisible as they observe human activities because they view physical reality while hovering in the etheric plane”

NO! they can bend light that’s all. We are almost there ourselves now. I do not believe that they are multidimensional. I don’t even think that any of the stated cases in this field is accurate. They have had a spiritual experience. but that’s a totally different thing.

Another example is Charles Hall, and he never saw anything that lead him to believe that the Tall White aliens are supernatural, that they seeded our planet or that they want to create hybrids. He did observe craft that routinely traveled faster than the speed of light.

The Tall Whites consider the earth to be “a cold and desolate wilderness.”

Also add to this all the various physical evidence of implants that has been found, and well documented. If the beings are esoteric why use eteric gadgets? Don’t add up for me at least. My own experience as an example, was physical and nothing more. And I know what I saw, felt and smelled.

Fourth Theory


They are time travelers from our future. I believe that this theory hold very little truth to it. Ask yourself, It is possible that some of the many thousand of alien abductions reported each year are the result of our very own species in the future?

You can refer to these futuristic time travelers as chrononauts, and they have abducted us throughout history and even traced us back to our past lives. These very same chrononauts have actually abducted us in several of our previous lifetimes. The main purpose of these chrononauts is to save themselves in the future. They are us in the future having problems to solve.

But ask yourself this:

If they were time travelers, wouldn’t they have come back “before” to collect the remains of their fellow aliens from crashes such as Roswell? Or before it even happened?

Would they not be very annoyed that our governments were storing their people in unknown locations and at least try to go back before their own was captured?

Or prevented every crash or when we shot down one of their crafts?

This theory originates from Dan Burisch. Which I think is a hoaxer.

His name today is Dan Burisch. Before that it was Dan Catselas, and when Eyewitness News first ran into him, it was Dan Crain. “Doctor” Dan Crain, But he state that he is a doctor, and has he really been face to face with an alien in an underground lab?

And many more question marks have been raised about this man. He claims to have been one of the scientists that interacted with the ET called J-Rod, and that J-Rod is actually a visitor from the future. In this version, several Grey species would be descendants from mankind, and they would now be visiting us from the future to correct some mistakes. Na! I really cant believe this. (It’s a feeling) Burish also claims that he met Bob Lazar at Tonopah Air Force Base, Bob answers:

“This is the biggest bull***t story I have ever heard in my life. Anybody that actually believes this guy should be ashamed of themselves. I never worked at Tonopah. I never met this knucklehead,” said Bob Lazar.

Burish made this whole thing up. And it is a bit funny to watch Dan Burish he makes things up as he go along. I’m trained in rehearsal techniques, and to me he got all the warning flags you`ll ever need to determine a liar. Also look at Dan Burish story and you can clearly see that his story shares to many key elements with Lazar’s story. After watching the videos of Dan Burisch talking, gesticulate my gut feeling, sorry but telling me that he is a liar.

Fifth Theory

Reptilian Aliens

The reptilians are here. This theory is based on that it might just be so that world leaders can hide their true reptilian nature behind rubber masks. Theorist (and very creative thinker) David Icke is the man primarily responsible for the paranoia about secret shape-shifting reptile-like aliens invading Slitheen-style and that they replacing high-ranking political leaders. But if you take a look of what DNA strings we humans are created of, and which components there is. One recently new study found out that we consist of ape DNA, and Pig, and Reptile, and an Unknown part (Anunnaki) and NO! Anunnaki were NOT reptilian. Same case here they “have” reptilian DNA. So in that case, there is a reptilian connection. But of course not as many believe that someone look like this under their skin?



David argues that humanity was created by a network of secret societies run by an ancient race of interbreeding bloodlines from the Middle and Near East, originally extraterrestrial. David calls them the “Babylonian Brotherhood.” The Brotherhood is mostly male. Their children are raised from an early age to understand the mission; those who fail to understand it are pushed aside.

There are countless videos and images all over the internet purporting to depict these reptilians slipping and revealing their true selves. Most likely all of them are bogus. But one of my favorite details about Icke’s worldview is that of the Red Dresses. These are personality-less software constructs of the reptilian invaders installed at high rank to facilitate the aliens’ plans. This particular theory is what leads to stunning images like the one above, which reveals a few of the “red dresses” in their true form.

I believe David Icke is right about many things. And think that he is psychic and have good perception. But all the talk about the reptilian wearing masks to hide their true appearance in physical form, is what I don’t believe. I could by this theory to, if he was speaking about it as a metaphor.

But David Icke is dead on right with other things, one for example, his Matrix assumption idea where our universe is the result of our collective web of perceptions. Brilliant! Or the Illuminati control: Where Illuminati, Round Table, Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations, are all Brotherhood created and controlled, as are the media, military, CIA, Mossad, almost all science institutions, all current religion, and the Internet, and that we are living in a lie. This theory I believe his right about.

Conclusion Theory


Some Alien race came here for a very long time ago. They needed gold to spray their atmosphere. To save their home planet. They started to harvest the gold here on earth. And to help they created human. They stayed a long time and after they left, we humans tried to tell their stories and their views. This was the birth of the clay tablets and Enuma Elish and all the other tales about them. Spreading throughout the whole planet. And in the extension of all this, as we can see many of the hundreds of variables have been born in its way.

Religion and money has gone hand in hand as it first was created. This was created as “power tools” and nothing more. To continue containing all of us in a slave state. And as long as we don’t break loose out of it, we can never be free. Today as someone just mentioning the Bible or anything from it as an example. I just walk away. because if they are still into that. They are too much at sleep for me to even care. Same goes with the second slave tool: Money. If you wake up in the morning thinking about money? You’re stuck, good night! Both created as POWER TOOLS. We don’t need money or religion. And we certainly don’t need anyone to sit and make judgement over us. Think of it as Michael Tellinger puts it: They took our land and all in it, they are now charging us for all of it? Food, housing, clothes…how stupid are we?

Money and religion are powertools

I believe in many other reports or theories. One for example is the “Black Knight” This theory states that a 13,000-year-old satellite called the Black Knight is orbiting our planet. As the story goes, Nikola Tesla was the first man to discover its existence after he began receiving radio signals in 1899 which he believed came from space, a claim also made by amateur radio operators in the early 20th century. Later on, newspaper reports in the 1950s and ’60s detailing the discovery of a mysterious object in space coupled with photographic evidence helped to fuel belief in the Black Knight’s existence. This object is out there.

If you take in consideration all the different report on races among the EBE`s. I think someone estimated it after all various reports and documents and interviews that we were now up to some 72 different races. Like this website. Totally bogus!
If you take a look at the really honest and well documented cases. I’ve counted it not to be more than 5 known races to us.

For me it is to many questions with these above “mass-hysteria-theories” in mind, that remains unanswered. But many still holding on to it. Aliens, as we envision them are to me, and this is based on endless physical evidence found across the planet, physical beings and nothing more. But this may not actually refer to just one single group of extraterrestrial beings who came here once upon a time, but could in fact be several. But they are of Alien descent and might have been interacting with us for a long time.

Ray Alex


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