A Poisoned World

No business on a dead planet

The environment is suffering badly from the industrial mass production. The Industrial Revolution changed modern life in an untold number of ways. Unfortunately, not all of them are positive, including the large-scale production of pollution. While it may not be instantly noticeable in some areas, that doesn’t change the fact that our world has been irreparably altered by all of the toxic substances that have now made it into our air, soil, and groundwater. And this goes on day after day..

Every year, we buy tons of iPhones, laptop computers, and other handy gadgets, throwing out the old to make room for the new. And this is done in a faster pace than ever before. Some people try thou and give their old computers to donation centers with the hope that someone else will at least get some use out of them, but this practice actually creates an immense amount of electronic waste, most of which gets imported to third world countries. Dumping electronic garbage in another country is illegal, but these companies make use of a very clever legal loophole.

Poisoned polluted World

And mining companies around the world routinely dump toxic waste into rivers, lakes, streams and oceans new research has shown 180 million tonnes of such waste annually. But even if they do not, such toxins often contaminate waterways when infrastructure such as tailing dams, which holds mine waste, fail. According to the UNEP there have been over 221 major tailing dam failures. These have killed hundreds of people around the world, displaced thousands and contaminated the drinking water of millions.

This environmental damage is affecting us all, in addition to drinking water contamination, byproducts such as mercury and heavy metals work their way into the food chain and sicken people and animals for generations.

And not long ago I read that China fond 100,000 kg of poisoned dead fish in a river, they say were poisoned by ammonia from a chemical plant, environmental officials and state media said in a reminder of the pollution plaguing the country. I can go on for months with examples like this. How long are we suppose to let this go on before we DO anything about it? If we allow consumerism and capitalism’s madness continue, we will perish in the aftermath of our own stupidity.

Our food is also poisoned


Food poisoning is a common, and distressing and sometimes life-threatening problem for millions of people in the U.S. and throughout the world. People infected with food-borne organisms may be symptom-free or may have symptoms ranging from mild intestinal discomfort to severe dehydration and bloody diarrhea. Depending on the type of infection, people can even die as a result of food poisoning.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, an additive. And it’s a chemical. It’s not a natural product, it’s a chemical. The molecule is made up of three components. Two are amino acids, the so-called building blocks of protein. One is called Phenylalanine, which is about 50% of the molecule and the other is Aspartic Acid, which is like 40%. And the other 10% is so-called Methyl Ester, which as soon as it’s swallowed becomes free methyl alcohol. Methanol. Wood alcohol, which is a poison. A real poison.

Below an excellent documentary showing how dangerous artificial sweetener Aspartame is. From its history, to its effects this video is enough to shock anyone into really looking at the food labels next time they shop. Aspartame is a toxic food that came into the world as an investment by Donald Rumsfeld, while ignoring the deadly effects the tests showed. Take a good look at this video, it could save lives.

” When certified nutritionist Janet Hull became gravely ill, she discovered aspartame poisoning was to blame for her life threatening sickness. Her investigation revealed disturbing facts about aspartame hidden from the public since the 1970’s including documents contradicting product safety and the fact that aspartame was originally approved as a drug not a food additive. She tells her story and the experiences of others and unveils startling evidence of a cover-up.”

But things starting to look a little bit better thou. If you think most corporations are not worthy of your trust, you’re not alone. Recent surveys show that public faith in almost all industries is dropping, with 42 percent of Americans saying they don’t trust any companies. And that’s good at least!



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