The Credit Card Conspiracy

Credit Cards_b


This sounds so elegant: Explore different credit cards so you can choose the credit card that’s right for you . Fill out a credit card application today: Bank of America. CRAP! I say.

There are no different credit cards, there is ONLY American credit cards. Name one other credit card besides these one: Capital One, Visa, Mastercard, Ameircan Express, Citi, Diners Club. Why can’t I get a solely German or Swedish or French credit card? That isn’t controlled by Capital One, Visa, Mastercard, Ameircan Express, Citi, or Diners Club?

Because there are only American credit cards available. Credit cards are part of Illuminatis plot to take over the world. This highly powerful organization has been working to eliminate sovereign countries for centuries. The motive is crystal clear, and that is to establish global dominance. And they’re doing a damn good job. I also state that there is a grand plan behind the fact that there are ONLY American credit cards available and that it is a big conspiracy. The description of a conspiracy is when two or more people agree to commit a crime or participate in something illegal. So let me tell you, it is a BIG conspiracy.

electronic conspiracy

One key aspect is this theory of the electronic conspiracy. I claim that the intent is to constantly “over promote” consumers’ increasing dependence upon electronic banking and technology, including credit cards and online shopping. The grand coup will be when the superpowers erase all data from everyone’s bank accounts in one fell swoop. Chaos will erupt, slavery will ensue, civilization will be destroyed and a New World Order will reign. I know their game.

Another incorporated plan in all of this is, first computer chips in credit cards, and next it will be in our flesh. The radio-frequency identification devices (RFIDs) that are now embedded in your credit cards? It’s just the initial stage of a diabolical plot, according to many experts opinions found on websites. Plastic is merely the testing ground for the technology’s true purpose. Soon we will all have them implanted under our skin, a prediction purported to be verified by a report by NBC on technological developments. The “mandatory” computer chips will be marketed as a convenience and security measure, reported The New American, a John Birch Society publication.

“We’ll be able to buy items without checking out, as the RFID chips will tally the purchases and deduct the cost from our accounts. The chip will also track our whereabouts and monitor behavior. If we don’t obey, the government will switch the chip off, leaving us without the ability to access our funds.”

This is how the wealthy elite, not the government, wants us enslaved with debt. The world’s oldest and richest families, including the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, as well as banks and corporations, are making sure the rest of us are in a perpetual state of financial insecurity.

Believers, such as alternative personal finance journalist and author of “Why Things Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do About It” Charles Hugh Smith, call it “cartel capitalism.” Ordinary citizens are forced to borrow for essentials, but the wealthy do so for investments, which only make them richer. The public is lulled into accepting living beyond their means while the system actively sets up barriers to independence. The antidote? Stop paying the bills, claim some debt slavery theorists, from credit card balances to mortgages. After that, the playing field will recalibrate, we get to keep everything we charged or borrowed and jobs will be plentiful.

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