John Greenewald, Jr

John Greenewald, Jr

When I first started to look deep inside the UFO phenomena after having my first real UFO experience myself. John Greenwald Jr. was the first person I ran across in this topic. And just look what this guy has achieved. It’s really amazing what one man can do. I really admire John for his persistent will.

John Greenewald, Jr. is a research/activist who began researching government conspiracies at the age of 15. He wrote his first book Beyond UFO Secrecy at 20, and has developed the Black Vault website.

John began simply with the question of whether any true evidence or documentation of UFOs exists, when he learned of the Freedom of Information Act. And his persistent requests for previously classified documentation on UFO sightings and investigations through legal (but often hard to navigate) channels has resulted in his now famous website “The Black Vault.”

Blackvault is one of the largest online communities of its kind in the world with over 149,000 government documents, over 10,000 archived news articles, and over 14,000 photographs of military aircraft and UFOs.

The Black Vault has been referenced as one of the largest technological achievements on the internet.

His website has won over 60 awards.


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