Great Falls Montana UFO Film

Great Falls Montana UFO picture

Just because that this UFO film is so clean and obvious it has become a classic. And I believe it is one of the best due to its simplicity. This classic UFO film was taken on August 15, 1950, by Nicolas Mariana, general manager of the Great Falls “Selectrics” baseball team. This film was listed as Top Secret and, although now declassified, is still considered an “unknown.”

Note that in government “releases” (National Archives, etc.), the distant objects in the frames almost don’t show up. However, even the TNT versions (as you will see later) show that the objects were clearly visible and oval-shaped, especially in the early footage. And the evidence strongly suggests that what Mariana has told us for a long time is true, much of the early footage was apparently removed by the Air Force.

NICAP Synopsis:

Nick Mariana, Great Falls, Montana, obtained 16 mm color movies of two UFOs which appear as bright circular points of light. Footage of UFOs at closer range, confirming visual observation of discs with rotating rims, was reported missing from film when returned by Air Force.

Remaining footage was contained in United Artists documentary movie “UFO” and compared to July 2, 1952, Trementon, Utah film showing similar images.

Mr. Mariana used Daylight Kodachrome film in a Revere turret type camera and obtained 315 frames showing the UFOs.

The film was examined by the U.S Air Force and Navy, but no formal reports released. Report on Photometric analysis by Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr., Douglas Aircraft Corporation, on file at NICAP.

NOT a window reflection of UFO

U.S Air Force explanation that UFOs were reflections off jet aircraft said to be “quite strained,” and the analyst states no definite conclusion. However, UFOs could not be explained as any conventional objects.

(UFO Casebook Editor’s Note: The video you see below is a comparison of what the general public had access to and what was kept under wraps for quite some time. Sometimes, only those who pay for first generation access get to see what was originally caught on video, as opposed to second and third generation “copies.”)

More about the great falls, Montana UFO film: A compilation of clips from the extremely rare 1956 film “U.F.O.”

Unidentified Flying Objects is a 1956 semi-documentary about the development of the UFO phenomenon in the United States. Video clips from the documentary have often been used in other UFO documentaries and television episodes related to UFOs.

In 1952 Hollywood producer Clarence Greene saw an unusual object twisting in the sky. He decided to report the sighting, and contacted US Air Force public information officer Albert M. Chop, who was in charge of answering UFO questions from reporters and the public. Intrigued by his experience, Greene decided to film a documentary movie about the UFO phenomenon. When Chop told Greene about the existence of video footage of UFOs, Greene obtained the footage for analysis and display in his documentary.[3]

The documentary starts in 1947, with the first widely publicized UFO sightings in the United States, including recreations of the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting, the Mantell UFO incident, and the Gorman Dogfight. It then traces the development of UFOs as both a popular fad and a serious concern for the US Air Force. The history of Project Sign, the first Air Force study of the UFO phenomenon, is discussed. The documentary then focuses upon Albert M. Chop and his growing involvement with UFOs. Chop is assigned as the public information officer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, in the late 1940s. In that position he is required to answer numerous news media queries about UFO sightings and what the Air Force knows about them. Although he is initially portrayed as a UFO debunker, Chop gradually changes his views as the movie progresses, and he comes to believe that UFOs are unknown, and possibly extraterrestrial, aircraft. By 1952 Chop has moved to Washington, DC, where he is the press officer for Project Blue Book.

The documentary analyzes two famous pieces of UFO footage: the Mariana UFO Incident of 1950, in which the manager of the Great Falls, Montana minor-league baseball team claimed to have filmed two UFOs flying over the baseball stadium, and the 1952 UFO film taken near the Great Salt Lake in Utah by a US Navy photographer, Delbert Newhouse. The documentary concludes with the famous 1952 Washington DC UFO incident, in which Albert Chop played a central role. The documentary recreates Chop’s experiences during the incident, and at the end of the documentary Chop states his belief that UFOs are a “real”, physical phenomenon of unknown origin.

Full Movie “U.F.O.”


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