Now you can start Gofa instead of Google it


Now you can start Gofa instead of Google it – Alternative media on the move by using the new search engine

Science and education dedicated to the analysis and critique of what “Science and education” do, today announces a new search engine called GoodGopher launched recently. This new search engine is developed by Natural-News . The search engine designed to reward those news sites that dare to go against the flow and is not affected by financially strong propaganda apparatus and engaged in indoctrination and misinformation in order to pursue different political or economic agendas.

Science and education writes that the search engine will exclude results from industrial lobbies VoF, CSICOP and Metabunk. Instead, the brave alternative media, bloggers and sites such as: Canal Second Opinion, NHF Sweden, Dr. Annika Dahlqvist,, True Ehdin, Party Unity, Today Homeopathy, Diet Democracy, Radiation Protection Foundation,, News Voice and 2000s Science will be favored.

The world’s first search engine that favor alternative and independent media which created a reputation for fearless and accurate reporting gets a boost, and all the heads of state and industry-driven propaganda channels banned, writes Mike Adams is the founder of Good Gopher.

Mike Adams who is also the brain behind the Natural-News writes that the news scanning speaker as MSNBC and Monsanto-friendly National Geographic and other “corporate media” will not be included among the search results.

Sites from Sweden that will not be indexed is: SvD, DN, TT, Sydsvenskan or Helsingborgs Dagblad they are good prospects to be approved as sources backed by finance or dis-info or speculate news was written lately in an article about GoodGopher.

Mike Adams promises to Good Gopher to protect the user of the search engine by not track who searched for what. There are no back doors to the NSA that Google has. Adams promises to personally ensure that Good Gopher is not corrupt or sold.

Internet trolls from Science and education stopped

People who use Good Gopher to like or add a warning flag on the search results, but to stop Internet trolls from such VoF from the rank down credible and independent sites, all sites in the excessive amount flagged with a warning to undergo a manual review. It means that all the VOF-trolls who try to lower a great site probably only helps the site to even higher results.

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