Fiasco for Pentagon’s F-35 stealth jet can’t win dogfight – report


Congrats to all nations that bought this piece of junk!

The F35 has been tested in a dog fight and proven useless. Haha hilarious!

A mock air battle between an F-16 jet and the military’s new and oft-troubled F-35 stealth jet showed that the F-35 is too sluggish to hit an enemy plane or dodge gunfire, according to a report.

The F-35 has cost the US military more than a trillion dollars since work on it began, making it the most expensive weapon in history.

The mock air battle, staged in January over the Pacific Ocean, was to test the F-35’s prowess as a close-range dogfighter at 10,000 to 30,000 feet. The F-35 pilot was to fly his jet hard, turning and maneuvering to “shoot down” the older F-16 jet, whose pilot would be doing his best to evade being hit, and trying to attack the F-35.

The test pilot’s five-page brief said that despite the F-16 being weighed down by two drop tanks, and with the F-35 jet carrying no weapons, the F-35 “remained at a distinct energy disadvantage for every engagement.”

The F-35 was designed to far exceed the fourth generation F-16 jets, first built in the 1970s, with the ability to carry its fuel and weapons internally. Yet aerodynamic problems, such as “insufficient pitch rate” for the jet’s nose while climbing, were reported during the mock battle.

The F35 pilot also discovered he couldn’t comfortably move his head inside the jet’s cramped cockpit.

“The helmet was too large for the space inside the canopy to adequately see behind the aircraft,” said the report.

That allowed the F-16 to sneak up on him.

What a joke!!!

Full story on RT


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