Muslims must leave Europe

Muslims No Thanks

The totally insane mass immigration has reached beyond all common sense. Sooner or later this will lead to that we will have a civil war in both Europe and the US. For what most people forget is that nature has equipped us with self-preservation. Because once the identity and existence are perceived as really threatened, self-preservation will be deployed. This is absolutely unavoidable.

This mass immigration hysteria has gone too far. And those who, “so to speak” determines or decide things is too stupid to grasp this. We are equipped by nature to self-preserve and when this gets threatened everyone will defend himself. This has nothing to do with racism or any other stupid Illuminati idea.

Geert Wilders

Not long ago I read that Dutch Politician Geert Wilders saying: “If you’re waving an Isis flag you’re waving an exit ticket. Leave!’

The according to mainstream brainwashed media, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called for Dutch Muslims who support radical Islamic groups such as Isis (now known as the Islamic State) to be removed from the country and banned from re-entry.

“Anyone who expresses support for terror as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy, as far as I’m concerned, should leave the country at once,” the Party for Freedom (PVV) leader told parliament in The Hague. “If you are waving an ISIS flag, you are waving an exit ticket. Leave!” he added. And he is right. We all must take action now! Before it’s too late.

“Let them leave, with as many friends and family members as possible. I will go to Schiphol [airport in Amsterdam] to wave them goodbye, if that helps. But don’t let them ever come back – that is the condition. Good riddance.”

And I believe that all muslims who promote Islam in Europe needs to be sent back to any of the 22 nations where Islam is the ruling religion. There are many reason for why this is necessary. One is that they are so brainwashed, that they can never be awaken from it.

We have to force this into the empty heads of the secular liberal humanists in Europe who is some of the most naive beings on the face of the Earth. They permit Muslims to immigrate to Europe in their millions.. and believe there will be no consequences. How stupid are these humanists?

Big Sleepers

Muslims no thanks

Muslims are the worst sleepers of them all. They are also the dumbest and therefore easier to brainwash. Why? Historically the Arab people of the middle east and North Africa has conquered and been conquered and enslaved, like the Iranians.. longest and in bigger scale than any other people on the planet. All due to their so-called religion. Also their alleged prophet came from this region. People living here have not been given, even a chance to start to think free.

They always have been captured in any way. Then their level of education has always been low. This is largely because of the Arabs and their Islamic mumbo jumbo. As long as religion controls will all other knowledge and training to be of very low quality. This is a natural part of the dumbed down of a population. But they are so stuck in this tool that they can’t see this.  Because of their indifference and actual folly this has occurred.

And thinking about the Charlie Hebdo killings one must realize that this will happen again. Because the muslim way is, and has always been terror. Just like any other stupid religion. Just like christianity made its way up here in Scandinavia a long time ago with violence. And the muslim way will strike the European community, which it envies, again and again. Millions of Muslims have already occupied a significant part of Europe’s countries a long time ago. Mass immigration have prepared the way for this. And remember this:

“If they are not destroyed while they are still small and while they are still few of them, we will soon face a new and horribly brutal world.”

“Rotterdam Mayor Tells Unhappy Muslims in Europe To ‘Pack Their Bags’ After Charlie Hebdo Attacks”

So think about this while you are watching the evening news, and sees the French citizens be out marching in the streets, holding hands, singing and carrying banners saying “We are not afraid.” All well and good, you just have to think that another person with a sound mind. Why not just kick the Muslims out of your country, Europe’s problems will be solved?

And the French and other Europeans are finally seeing what multiculturalism and political incorrectness are really all about. They have allowed invaders to legally immigrate to their country, set-up their own separate system of government, and even go so far as to allow “infidel free zones” where only Muslims are allowed to be. How stupid is that FFS?

Multiculturalism and political correctness are going to be the reason that Europe will fall to the Muslim hordes without a single shot being fired. The birth rate of Muslim immigrants is almost 5 to 1, so within another generation or two, all European countries that have large Muslim populations will literally out-breed white Europeans, and the indigenous population will be a minority within their own countries.

And I guess that in America they shouldn’t be pointing the finger at Europe or criticizing us too badly, for the exact same thing is happening in the United States. Only the majority of those “immigrants” aren’t really “immigrants” at all, but in reality are illegal aliens. Barack Obama’s open border policies have all but insured that they will soon be facing the exact same problems that Europe is now seeing.

Before anyone can wake up, we need to get rid of the Muslim disturbing torque. Before the mass immigration of Muslims started, we actually had come a long way. This can now be destroyed by the muslims, the most brainwashed of all.

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2 thoughts on “Muslims must leave Europe

  1. War is inevitable, Europeans and Americans are too fucking stupid to realize the Islamic Threat until it is too late.
    It pains me to think of how much destruction is heading for the world, The non Islamic World and the Islamic World are going to decimate one another… I expect Nuclear Exchanges to be mad in the future as well.

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