Bizarre Cattle Mutilations Still Happening All Over The World


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Even thou its almost 120 years since the first reports on cattle mutilations came in, it hasn’t stopped. It was quite for a while but has started again?

On April 21, 1897, Alexander Hamilton, the noted statesman, was awakened at night by loud humming noises coming from his cattle yard. He and two other men went outside and saw an “airship” slowly come down and hover over the yard. Here is how Hamilton described it:

“It consisted of a great cigar-shaped portion possibly 300 feet long, with a carriage underneath. The carriage was made of glass or some other transparent substance alternating with a narrow strip of some material. It was brilliantly lighted within and everything was plainly visible. It was occupied by six of the strangest beings I ever saw. They were jabbering together, but we could not understand a word they said. It seemed to pause and hover directly over a two -year old heifer, which was bawling and jumping, apparently fast in the fence. Going to her, we found  a cable about a half-inch in thickness made of some red material, fastened in a slip knot around her neck, one end passing up to the vessel, and the heifer tangled in the wire fence. We tried to get it off but could not, so we cut the wire loose and stood in amazement to see the ship, heifer and all, rise, slowly, disappearing in the northwest. Neighbor Thomas Link (four miles away) found the hide, legs, and head in his field the next day and no tracks in the soft ground, which mystified him.”

The first modern case on record occurred in 1967 in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. A horse owned by the King family named Lady was found dead in a pasture. Its flesh had been stripped completely from the skull, exposing the bare bones. The bones were so clean of flesh that the skull looked as if it had been sitting out exposed to the sun for weeks. However, the family had just seen the horse alive two days earlier. More confounding was the fact that there was absolutely no blood found near the body and no animal tracks of any kind nearby.

Several organs of the horse were missing and the cuts were made more precisely than the sharpest knife could have made. Remember, this was 1967, a good twenty years before surgical lasers were available.

During the time when this mutilation occurred many people in the area saw UFOs and strange lights. Several other animals were found mutilated the same way. They were also found lying in the middle of a perfectly outlined circle cut or burned into the surrounding vegetation.

Present Day

And even today 2016 its still going on. Not long ago (Jan 02, 2016) we could read that a cow was killed and mutilated in McPherson County USA. It comes after a farmer found one of his bulls dead with its sex organs removed took place in Harvey County.


Farmer John Shearer says he was feeding his cattle around 10am New Year’s Day, when he found one of his cows dead. Shearer says right away, he knew something wasn’t right.

“When we pulled up to her it was very evident. When we drove up, her head was right there, and the eyes were gone. It was bright red,” Shearer said.

Now the family is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading up to an arrest and conviction, sharing a photo of the cow on social media. Shearer says it’s clear whoever did the mutilating knew what he or she was doing.

“It was precision cuts. We’ve sent part of it in to tell if it was scalpel cut or laser,” he said. “If they’ve got the guts to do something like this, what wont they do?”

Again, this time there was no gunshot wound, and the cause of death is still being investigated. Shearer says the family’s vet did find an injection mark on the cow’s neck, but couldn’t say if it was fresh or from a previous vaccination.

Take a look at the video below for more on the subject!


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