Varginha Brazil UFO Crash Revisited

Varginha Alien

I wrote about this case sometime ago. But new information has come forward since then. I thought I present the case again including this new information. In 1996 in Varginha, Brazil, during the course of several weeks at least two and perhaps as many as eight alien creatures were captured or killed and turned over to American authorities, and a UFO may have crashed.

Eyewitnesses described the creatures as humanoid and 3 to 4 feet tall. They had dark brown, hairless skin, big triangular heads with three short “horns” on top, and huge red eyes that were vertically oval. A typical reptilian gray as I use to describe them. Here`s an excerpt from the report:

2A total sum of 8 aliens : 1 dead 2 injured (1 later dead) 5 unhurt and living unknown not captured,

A number of separate encounters through the day got reported in the Brazilian press and there are currently 100-200 eyewitnesses still living in Varginha. Most of these reports claimed sightings of an alien with a large head and very thin body, with V-shaped feet, brown skin, and large red eyes.

The case could easily be swept away as an urban tale, if it was not for the following evidence.”

Video Evidence footage from 1996 Varginha

Proof has been provided that around midnight between January 19-20 NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) contacts their Brazilian alike CINDACTA (I Centro INtegrado de Defesa Aerea Controle de Trafego Aereo or Integrated Center on Air Defense and Air Traffic Control ) and warnes them of a UFO coming down over southern parts of Minas Gerais state. This is witnessed and leaked by both a Brazilian Air Force man and an employee at the radar facility at Air Force Base VI Comar, who recived the information, all this according to John Carpenter and Ricardo Varela Correa.

On January 20, after midnight, at aprox. 1:30 AM the farmworkers-couple Augusta and Eurico Rodrigues were wakened by the roams of the farm-cows and sheep’s. As they looked out the window to see what was up they saw the animals running from one side to the other. As they looked up the sky the saw a silent UFO without lights. John Carpenter gives us an image of the UFO:

”It was a submarine-shaped “mini-bus” that was trembling like a curtain and emitting smoke or fog as it descended to at least 5 meters above the ground. A military witness now admits that it crashed and he was part of the debris retrieval. Material was twisted and lightweight.

Military forces captured two extraterrestrial creatures still alive in Brazil. The capture occurred in neighboring areas of city of Varginha, State of Minas Gerais, Central Brazil. The fact is to be considered one of the most significant ever registered in this country and in the entire world. Military authorities are keeping secret all details of the operation, but some information did leak to the UFO community due to the investigative job of Dr.Ubiraja Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Paccaccini who lives nearby and recognized as serious and dedicated researchers.

Varginha UFO Captured

Some believe that the new facts that came to light in 2012, including the recanting of one of the only actual witnesses, and the outright denial of another reported witness had solidly put the story to rest. But is it so?

Can you really dismiss this whole case by just pointing towards that two of the witnesses has changed their mind? Just because a decade and a half later it is stated that the entire “Varginha ET” affair was a hoax based on child hysteria and on the sightings of a deformed person as its now said?

Little Luis

I certainly not believe this. The (witness) “A deformed homeless man with disabilities”, as he was described have appeared fine in several videos after this. Today he’s very upset and disappointed to be compared with an alien creature, his brothers are absolutely sure that it wasn’t him who was spotted by the three ladies on the day of the incident. So its contradicts the so-called alleged hoax totally.

To just imply that the 3 girls had mistaken a strange-looking creature for a homeless man with disability’s is plain stupid. The man called Little Luis was well-known in these parts. Comparison above, Military said: Little Luis was allegedly mistaken for an alien. Now THAT’S STUPID! and plain disinformation.

Crippled man

I believe that the poor man, their brother, was ruthlessly used as an excuse in the police’s / military fake report about the UFO incident, to cover it up. And remember the first to witnesses, Augusta and Eurico Rodrigues has NOT changed their mind at all about what they saw.

Nine years later in Varginha

As new pieces of this fantastic puzzle are still being received by researchers in many cities and more and more military personnel have agreed to talk. Researchers have talked to the local hospital staff who actually claim that they ‘treated’ the surviving creatures. Researchers have once more talked to the girls who first saw the aliens and the dozens of eyewitness who saw them in the town. The evidence is still coming in. The latest information in this case has not yet come forward as it seems.

Varginha is definitely NOT a hoax.

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