Body found at Dyatlov Pass where 9 hikers mysteriously died in 1959?


A lot of theories has been presented in this case. All variations from Alma’s, to Aliens, or CIA agents eliminating them. Not long ago it was reported that a body has been found by a group of tourists at the Daytlov pass in Jan, 2016. This group has however also disappeared? But now the Russian government denies this?

“The clothes of one man were found to contain radiation. After he died his clothes were cut by the remaining hikers and were later found in the den with 4 other tourists.”

“4 bodies were found in spring. One body had a missing tongue. Animals wouldn’t eat just one tongue.”

A body was been discovered by tourists at the infamous Dyatlov Pass in Russia’s Ural Mountains where nine hikers mysteriously died in 1959. Emergency services have reportedly momentarily lost contact with the group.

The unidentified body was discovered by tourist-hikers at the infamous Dyatlov pass in Sverdlovskaya region, according to local security officials. A group of nine tourists reportedly from Perm contacted emergency services overnight on Friday. Following a message from the group via satellite phone officials lost contact with the hikers, reported Due to bad weather conditions emergency groups are unable to reach the barely-accessible site where the body was found. Some reports suggest that it is a male of about 50 years old.


2016: The Russian government said that it would investigate the findings regarding a new dead body found at the notorious Dyatlov Pass, while dismissing allegations that the group which spotted it has lost contact. So now Russia’s Emergency Ministry denies that a group of hikers has gone missing. But where are they?


1959: The travelers began their journey on January 1 trekking along one of the most difficult paths starting from North Ural to the town of Ivdel, according to the emergency services.

The site where body was reportedly located is infamous for the tragic and mysterious deaths of nine hikers in 1959. The causes of their deaths are still unknown while the case is surrounded with controversy.

The Dyatlov pass was named after the leader of the hiking group that went missing, Igor Dyatlov. The group consisted of graduate students from of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Their plan was to trek 350 kilometers on skis through the forests and Northern Urals to Mount Otorten (which is translated from the local Mansi language as ‘Don’t go There’). Initially there were 10 people in the group, but one of the hikers fell ill and was forced to abandon the venture.

On February 12, 1959 the nine failed to report to the scheduled end-point at a village called Vizhay. As a result of rescue efforts, the group’s tent was found on the slope of the Mount Kholat Syakhl (“Mountain of the Dead” in Mansi) on February 26. Investigators later determined that tent had been was cut with a sharp object from the inside.

The skiers left all their belongings in the tent while apparently trying to urgently flee the campsite. After following footprints down the hill for about 1.5 km some of those fleeing were wearing only socks, some were even barefoot the search party found five bodies.


Some of the hikers were wearing only underwear and their bodies showed signs of struggle such as fractured skulls and broken ribs. One of the women had her tongue missing. The search for the remaining four travelers who were located further into the woods took more than two months.

The Soviet criminal investigation in 1959 failed to establish the causes of the incident. The final report said that an “unknown compelling force” killed the people.

Russian Investigations

Soviet investigators went looking for the hikers who failed to return on schedule they first found the hikers tent that was apparently cut open in the back with a knife.  The hikers appeared to have fled through the hole without their shoes, some wearing only socks and others barefoot in the heavy snow.  The investigators found all 9 bodies at the edge of the snow covered forest.  The corpses showed no signs of struggle, however, two of them had fractured skulls, two had broken ribs, and one of the hikers was missing her tongue.  According to investigators 4 of the victims’ clothing had substantial levels of radiation detected on them.

Yuris Car

In 1967, Russian writer and journalist Yuri Yarovoi published a novel entitled “of the highest rank of complexity” which he based on this incident.  He had actually been involved in the search for the group and the Inquest.  He had also acted as the investigations official photographer.  Details of the incident were kept secret by the Soviets as usual.  Yarovoi avoided revealing anything beyond the official position and well known facts.  Yarovoi died in 1980 in a car accident and all of his archives, photos, dairies, and manuscripts became “lost.”  How convenient!

The Dyatlov incident remains as one of the most chilling unsolved mysteries of the 20th century sparked many theories in which investigators attempted to rebuild the chronology of events. The numerous explanations put forward included an avalanche, military tests seen by the hikers that the government was trying to hide, a hostile encounter with an unknown creature, or paranormal activity.

The mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident has inspired filmmakers to make a science fiction horror movie entitled ‘Devil’s Pass’ where five students investigate the incident.

Additional Source RT


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