Crisis actor caught at 4 different terrorist attacks

Crisis Actor 4 times

This is a really good find. Also hard proof that Governments around the world use crisis actors, as been reported about. This one is from Pete Santilli Show. It clearly shows that crisis actors are used.

Most people would agree that they would appreciate being able to trust their local and national news to provide a balanced and honest representation of facts and events. But the last few decades, however, has proven that to be virtually impossible to ask for.

“If it’s not an almost childlike bias toward either conservative or liberal values proudly emanating from silly entities like FOX News and MSNBC, major agencies from all points of view have been caught doing things like manipulating audio or video for political and other purposes, reporting and/or omitting specific stories or realities for the protection of individuals or establishments and more than a handful of other credibility-destroying examples.”

This woman now being dubbed the “CNN Crisis Actor” is a mysterious lady who has been spotted at the Boston marathon bombing, the Watertown man hunt for the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and now the Philadelphia train derailment.

Crisis Actor

Has this woman magically appeared at all of these places of crisis, NAh! Wouldnt think so. She is just  a paid actor who is supposed to react to crisis situations. Paid for by MSM. Watch the video below:



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