Monsanto Douche-bag Puppet Kevin Folta Self Destructs on Social Media

Kevin Folta

Finally we got rid of this dis-informant. And it started a few months ago, as an article in the journal Nature revealed that Florida University Professor Kevin Folta had received 25,000 USD from Monsanto in what appears to be a move for damage limitation. The journal also mentions that the money was paid in form of a grant with the postscript of “using it as per your (Mr.Folta’s) discretion for research and outreach projects”.

Instead of keeping hit mouth shut, Kevin Folta went on Twitter and other social media platforms lying outrageously about his Monsanto ties. The secret was out in the open when someone, quite hilariously, posted this story on, of all places, Craigslist! Way to go!

Monsanto douche-bag, biotech troll and paid-off academic Kevin Folta says he’s quitting the internet

And finally unable to handle the massive backlash resulting from his failure to disclose financial ties to Monsanto, University of Florida professor and biotechnology darling Kevin Folta has decided to call it quits (for now) and abandon the internet.

On his Facebook page, Folta announced a month ago that he’s taking the opportunity to “disappear from public visibility,” during which time he plans to focus more on his laboratory work and the needs of his students something he probably should have been doing all along.

Rather than continue to make a public spectacle of himself with scandal after scandal, Folta has decided to retreat to the halls of academia and bow “out of the public science conversation for the foreseeable future.”

“The attacks are relentless, I’m under a lot of pressure on many fronts,” Folta wrote, feeling sorry for himself. “It has been a challenging time… but this battle is vicious and one-sided.”

Folta’s supporters were quick to chime in with laud and praise for his work over the years pushing the pro-GMO agenda, as if doing so using cash quietly given to him from the world’s most evil corporation was some kind of noteworthy, heroic feat.

“I am so sorry for what you’ve been through and thank you for your amazing work,” wrote one supporter, lavishing Folta as if he were some kind of martyr. “You fought the good fight.”

Kevin Folta anatomy

Kevin Folta a paid propagandist for Monsanto goes into hiding

In reality, Folta was on the financial dole of corporations that profit handsomely from hiding genetically modified organisms in the food supply, unlabeled, using industry “science” that contradicts all independent science showing that GMOs are unhealthy, unsafe and destructive both to the environment and biodiversity.

Folta was essentially a paid propagandist for Monsanto, proclaiming to audiences at every chance he got that GMOs are wonderful for humanity and are somehow saving the planet. And for this, claim the “skeptics,” he was some kind of hero.

It’s all quite laughable, really – the idea that pushing a corporate agenda under the guise of science represents “fighting the good fight,” as his supporters put it. Folta was, and is, a biotech troll, and nothing more. He was never about propagating sound science, and his work continues to enslave farmers in the Third World, and further pollute the food supplies of humanity.

While we’re pleased to see Folta remove himself from the public spotlight (hopefully forever), other shills just like him are sure to pick up the baton where he dropped it and continue spreading the toxic gospel of chemicals, genetic engineering and corporate control over agriculture.

Folta has already picked up this baton himself through his online radio alter ego “Vern Blazek” of The Vern Blazek Science Power Hour. Vern Blazek, as revealed by investigative reporter Brooke Borel, writing for BuzzFeed, is actually Folta himself posing as someone else.

Folta tried to hide this fact, of course, when he first introduced the show. After he was outed, he tried to claim that it was all a joke – one that nobody thought was funny. And now he’s frantically trying to pick up the pieces and divert attention away from this crude exhibition in multiple personality disorder that stands to further erode his ever-dwindling career.

“There is no such thing as objective science when a researcher receives tens of thousands of dollars from the GM producers themselves, then goes on to promote their financiers’ products,” commented the Anti-Media’s Cassius Methyl about the Folta scandal.

“Corporate collusion between government bureaucracies and educational institutions has become a serious issue in the U.S. that has corrupted objectivity in nearly every sector of American life.”

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