The Strange Disappearance of Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway

This is a difficult case Id like to present to you, but its interesting along with the complexity in itself. I also think its sad that law enforcement couldn’t nail this bastard van der Sloot “the suspect” because I think he is guilty. Natalee Holloway disappeared on Aruba and was never found. Ten years ago, college student Natalee Holloway was on vacation in Aruba with some friends when she disappeared. In this new documentary, two curious journalists try to discover what happened to her. They acquired the entire police files of the case and they show several likely sequences of events of that night and who may have been accountable for Natalee’s disappearance.

Natalee Holloway was in the Dutch Caribbean on a school class excursion. She had just graduated from high school and together with her friends she was just having a good time. On the 29th of May, they went to the casino at the Holiday Inn, where they were staying. They were drinking alcohol and after a while they went to a place called Carlos ‘n Charlies. Before going to Carlos ‘n Charlies they had met Joran van der Sloot at the casino table and had asked him to come along.

Van der sloot

Joran accepted the invitation and went there together with the Kalpoe brothers. They partied there until closing time and then they went cruising in the car. Natalee insisted to get into the car and according to eyewitnesses, she yelled ‘yoo-hoo Aruba’, and they drove off to the beach.

The controversy is: Did Joran leave Natalee on the beach or not? The police gathered clues indicating other whereabouts and even other suspects. Joran was taken into custody twice in the Natalee Holloway case. The second detention came after a case revision by the Dutch police. It was never disclosed why Joran was arrested again, but in the police files we find some of the answers, new data about what happened that night.

There are multiple witnesses who negate Joran’s statement. But if Joran was not on the beach, where did he go? In one of his many police questionings, he gave a hint. He unexpectedly stated that he took Natalee to his apartment.

They Thought They Solved the Disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

But now new details emerges about the taped confession. Since Holloway went missing, only one person has claimed responsibility for her death Joran Van der Sloot. However, Van der Sloot later retracted his statement and blamed having falsely given it on drug use.

Van der Sloot was recently interviewed where he again confessed to killing Holloway. While such a confession might lead to some kind peace of mind for Holloway’s friends and family, Van der Sloot’s attorney says the footage of his client confessing has been doctored.

Van der Sloot’s lawyer, Maximo Altez, told Fox News Latino that the admission, recorded surreptitiously in prison during an inmate visit, is a fabrication.

It’s a total lie, it’s a distorted, the video has been edited to make it look like that,” Altez said.

Altez said his client, whom he is counselling pro-bono, is a “compulsive liar” with a verifiable psychiatric diagnosis.

Van der Sloot is currently in prison in Peru for murdering Stefany Flores in his hotel room in Lima. Among other claims the murderer has made, Van der Sloot says Flores’s father is offering a ten thousand dollar reward to anyone who kills him while incarcerated.

What do you think of Van der Sloot’s role in Holloway’s murder?

Ten years after Natalee Holloway went missing, a Dutch citizen, De Jong says he knows where to find her. Prosecutors, however, aren’t buying it.

Jurrien de Jong

Jurrien de Jong told CNN’s Martin Savidge that the teens body is buried in a crawl space at a Marriott vacation property in Aruba, and he believes he saw her in her final moments.

De Jong says he was near Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, then under construction, on the night of May 30, 2005, when he saw a young man chase a young woman through the construction site.

At first, he thought the two were being playful, but he says a short time later the man reappeared, carrying the woman in his arms. He said her body appeared limp.

“… He pulled (the woman) by the ankles inside the crawl space, stayed inside for a minute and then came out and closed the gap,” de Jong said.

Even though de Jong suspected he had witnessed something serious, he says didn’t go to the police because he was involved in “illegal activities” at the time.

De Jong says he had a change of heart after seeing a 2008 Dutch broadcast of an undercover interview with Joran van der Sloot, who was brought in for questioning in Holloway’s disappearance but never charged. In that interview, van der Sloot said that Holloway died while the two were together and her body was dumped in the ocean.

De Jong says he got angry because he knew it was a lie and says he felt bad because he has a daughter close to Holloway’s age. Van der Sloot later said he was lying in that interview.

De Jong then called Holloway’s father, Dave Holloway, who has never given up hope of finding his daughter. Holloway had faced many false leads and hoaxes before and wrote de Jong off.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “The Strange Disappearance of Natalee Holloway

  1. I don’t see much question on his guilt. As an investigator, you never want to base your findings on a pre-conceived result, or suspect. It closes too many possibilities. Van der Sloot is a sexual predator and has nullified that with his actions. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the reality of the Holloway family. I just don’t see this like ‘Maura Murry’ where there’s several scenarios, Miss Holloway was lured and abducted from a very specific area, and the fact that her body hasn’t re-emerged almost seems like maybe went onto a boat and out to the sharks. Terrible thought, I know. But see how everyone is waiting for the ‘Predator’ to tell all, but he won’t because he may have a chance to get out from his 3rd world judgement. Van der Sloot should be the guest of his own neck-tie party. Brutal, I know.

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