100% proof Paris attack at the Comptoir Voltaire café is staged

Paris attacks

This CCTV footage was sent to us by an anonymous reader: It shows frame by frame, an enlarged view analysis, and claim showing 100% proof Paris attack at the Comptoir Voltaire café is staged. As always you be the judge!

After a smoking bullet hit the glass door of the Comptoir Voltaire cafe, a woman with long coat got up from the ground near the door, she turned around, and lo and behold, with specially made handgun in her right hand, she aimed at the left side glass door of the cafe, and took a shot, shattering the glass, creating a quick less than a second dust fall (dust flakes fall from the top of cam, pass by the lens, reflecting the LED cam light), and then, She then pass the gun to her left hand, pushed open the left door with her left forearm and elbow, and ran inside, pretending to hide from the attackers, all the while holding her left up bent and stiff, holding the handgun as if something very precious and fragile..

She will become an icon for false flag attacks. CCTV footage frame by frame view, with enlarged section, for detailed analysis, you will be shocked by what you see as I did.

Sent to The Awakezone from someone called “wilderness” @ Tutanota Secure Mail


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