12 ways for surviving after a war or a financial collapse

12 ways for surviving after a war or a financial collapse

Here are 12 crucial things you need to think about if the shit hits the fan properly. First just take a look at the ongoing crisis in Ukraine how saddening it is to behold, but there are a number of valuable lessons to be learned from the plight of the citizens who live within its contested regions. This was a stable and relatively prosperous country that descended into chaos in the span of less than a year. Many financial analysts and other experts are predicting an economic collapse in the United States sometime in the near future. It could be a matter of months or a few years, but there is agreement among a growing number of informed parties that the U.S. could be facing a roughly similar breakdown of society following the collapse, with the imposition of martial law or even civil war being among the possible outcomes.

I’m publishing my list with some ingredients borrowed from Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, of TheModernSurvivalist.com list that he published. Fernando published a list entitled “12 Survival Lessons from Ukraine,” based mainly on the survivalist blog entries of a Ukrainian citizen who calls himself George1980. Aguirre provides detailed descriptions of each entry in his list, and it’s an informative and interesting read. I highly recommended it for those who would like to adequately prepare themselves for whatever possible conflicts may lie ahead in our own future. Here is his list, along with my brief synopsis of each item:

Artillery & infantry beats survivalist hero fantasies. Every. Single. Time.”

The Ukrainian crisis has proven once again that even a well-armed citizen is virtually powerless against an entire army. It is folly to think that an individual or even a group of people with light weaponry can stand against an invader armed with planes, tanks, artillery, missiles and bombs. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should not stockpile at least some weapons for protecting yourself and your family when SHTF.

Cover the basics. Food, water, shelter and medicines.”

Basics food medicine

The thousands of people in Eastern Ukraine who have little or no food, water, fuel, electricity and other survival essentials are ample evidence of why it is so important to stockpile the basics in case of a prolonged disaster scenario.

“Don’t get involved.” in times of serious social upheaval, it’s probably best to steer away from political rallies and demonstrations if your aim is survival. Being seen or photographed in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to the loss of your freedom or worse.

Attitude, clothes, and gear can get you killed or arrested.”

Basic Gear

Looking or acting in such a way that makes you stand out can be dangerous in times of upheaval. Maintaining a low profile could be one of the important keys to your survival. Stay on small or at any roads at all. All clothes and gear should be dark green or black.

Stay away from checkpoints.”

In a martial law or wartime situation, checkpoints are common. It’s important to consider what to carry and how to act when faced with passing through a checkpoint. Best to avoid them totally.

Guns can save you, but they can also get you killed.”

Knowing when and how to carry a weapon is just as important as knowing how to use one. There may be scenarios in which it makes more sense to hide, ditch, trade or sell a weapon rather than be found with or be seen carrying one.

Smith & Wesson Revolver

Get a Revolver 9mm a good knife and a rifle with a folding stock or a compounder bow.”

When selecting your firearms, choose ones that are light, easy to conceal and have a simple mechanism and are easy to trade or sell. A 9mm Smith&Wesson revolver and an AK or a good compounder bow type “Diamond Outlaw “are three good choices.

In addition to weapons you should have a good tent and camping equipment, containing pots and pans, lighters and fishing tools. Etc..

Passports and ID are crucial.”

Through away all passports and identification cards you will not need them. If you get caught you’re screwed anyway.

Cash is NOT king.”

No more cash

In the case of a financial collapse, a nation’s currency will quickly become nearly worthless due to inflation. It’s a good idea to have some other real values like survival goods or silver and gold always works. Stupid money such as euros or pounds will be useless and have NO value.

Work on your EDC.”

EDC stands for “Every Day Carry” a collection of tools essential to survival. Make sure you have at least one multi-purpose tool and a selection of specialized tools to get you through emergencies.

And don’t forget the most important thing, have proper clothing. Good solid warm clothes and keep the spirit up all the time!





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