Totally Brainwashed People – The Swedes

Swedish or Japanese?

Take a Look at some of the most stupid people on the planet – The Swedes. When asked about an obvious opinion, just can’t say the obvious. They are so brainwashed that they just cant state the most simple obvious conclusion when asked. So afraid to answer even the most simple of questions.

We have universities in Sweden that teaches her students that one should not question when a normal long Swedish girl pretending to be a 2-meter-long Japanese. SVT (Swedish Television) do not think this is worth discussing? You do not think, this is the bigger issue? No focus on the content of the film. They do not even have the decency to link to the film so that people themselves can decide what is what.

Naturally Awakezone want to show it so that you can see this decay in critical thinking and the utter idiocy churned out from these universities. This is really ridiculous to watch! But it is the product of what the schools teach our children. To be totally guileless.


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