Mysterious Object Will Pass Earth In 2017 Leaves Scientists In Confusion


This mysterious object, that many investigators claim could be an ‘alien probe’, is set to fly past Earth in 2017. It’s known as 1991 VG, the object was first spotted in November 1991 by astronomer James Scotti at the University of Arizona. And It has baffled astronomers ever since because of its strange rotation and longevity in space. Some experts suggest it may be a section of the Apollo 12 rocket, but Scotti claims the timings don’t add up. Other researchers also not conclude with this explanation.

Alien Probe
1991 VG is set to fly past Earth in 2017. An artistic depiction of what the “alien probe” may look like.

It has baffled and confused top astronomers ever since, because of it’s very strange and unique rotation and longevity in space.  Some leading experts suggest it may be a section of the Apollo 12 rocket, but Scotti claims the timings don’t add up and has instantly dismissed this as a ridiculous idea designed to cover up the reality of the situation!

Object trajectory

“We looked into all the possibilities for it being man-made,’ Scotti told Motherboard. ‘There were a few possible spacecraft and rocket bodies that might be 1991 VG.”

“But when we looked into each, we were able to eliminate each of them.”

Many others argue it may be some kind of a top-secret rocket that the Soviets or American sent into orbit, well hidden from the rest of the world. When Scotti first spotted this mysterious strange object which is now called 1991 VG, it was about 10 metres in diameter, passing 280,000 miles from Earth – around 50,000 miles further than the Earth and the moon.

This strange object showed an unusual rapid rate of rotation and its brightness appeared to fluctuate. This behaviour, has not ever been seen before from any asteroid of its size – This mysterious object also had an orbit that was strikingly similar to that of Earth. Once data was gathered on 1991 VG, Scotti realised this was the second time the unidentified object had passed Earth. The first was March of 1975. Perhaps this strange object IS in fact an Alien probe sent from the darkest reaches of space!?

In the incredibly in-depth report, Motherboard notes that Duncan Steel, an astronomer at University of Adelaide, suggested it might be an ‘alien probe observed in the vicinity of our planet.’

The intriguing thing here is that Asteroids do NOT tend to survive long enough, or remain on the same orbit, to pass Earth in the same spot twice.

Steel only suggested the theory in order to disprove it. He has since told Motherboard that he doesn’t think VG 1991 is of extra-terrestrial origin, however on the flip side of this it could also quite possibly be so!

Many truth seekers around the world are excited about this discovery and believe this could be a huge ‘incoming’ piece of disclosure in 2017, citing Steele’s work as their source piece of evidence. When it does fly past Earth sometime in the summer of 2017, it will only be seen in the southern hemisphere. Since Scotti first spotted VG 1991, astronomers have discovered that asteroids under 100 meters have remarkably fast rotations. As a result Scotti says we can’t rule out the possibility that VG 1991 is a natural space rock.

One possibility would be that it is ejecta from a lunar impact,’ he told Motherboard.

Another possibility is that the Yarkovsky force, caused by the thermal emissions of a rotating object, systematically pushed the object around over long times. It’s still a puzzle.’ Said Scotti.

As yet there is NO way of confirming what this unknown object is until it gets closer to planet earth, but in the meantime we will have to keep guessing.

Well here is yet another story that the media try to keep rather quiet about! And it is not a surprise that this is being kept silent as there as yet is NO 100% explanation as to what this mysterious object could actually be.

If this story seems far-fetched then it really isn’t as we have sent out our very own probe like crafts, like the Voyager 1 which was launched out in space in 1977 and now MANY millions and millions of miles away from earth whose to say that some far advanced alien civilisation didn’t send out this potential probe way before the human race ever existed!?

Other Thoughts About The Object

According to two mathematicians from the University of Edinburgh, it’s very possible that there are Alien probes operating within our solar system. Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson suggest that we cannot rule out the possibility that there are extraterrestrial craft within our solar system. The mathematicians used computing power to inform their predictions, which might not sound out-of-place in a sci-fi novel. The two mathematicians analyzed the possibility that probes could travel through space in a study published in the Journal of Astrobiology.

In their work, Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson affirm the possibility that highly advanced alien races are taking advantage of the gravitational field of the stars to speed up “their” spacecraft travelling through space. Interestingly, this “technique” would not be something exclusive to highly advanced alien beings: in fact, we use this technology for our own spacecraft. For example, the voyager probes are making use of the gravitational field of the planets to gain speed through space.



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