The Fall Of Sweden And The World

Extinction of white population

As the white population continues to decrease worldwide in a constant rate and whites only make up around 10% of the Earth’s population. Do the maths its easy! There are currently 30 million non-whites in Europe, America is only 60% white (lowest population % wise since America’s census began), white babies are a minority in America, and ethnic Europeans are starting to become minorities in their own city. Interracial relationships are at an all time high. Non-white immigration to Europe and other majority white countries is still occurring in large numbers. White people have generally low fertility rates overall. So even a fool can calculate this and reach a conclusion.

It seems like the extinction of the white population is inevitable at the way things are currently going and if drastic action isn’t taken soon it seems to be the white race’s unavoidable fate. So the question is no longer ‘are white people going to go extinct’ but “how long” until they perish from this Earth? I would like to hear other posters thoughts on this forum pertaining to the extinction of the white population.

According to research by both the CIA and the U.N. every single member of the European Union has a birthrate significantly below the replacement rate of 2.1 births per woman. In the CIA World Factbook, Germany had a birthrate of 1.36 children per woman in 2007, and Spain and Italy had birthrates of 1.29. At such low levels of fertility, within 75 years, those three nations would have populations 80 percent lower than they are today.

And Germany, Italy and Spain are far from alone: Every single industrialized country in Europe has a birthrate below 1.9 children per woman. The average birthrate of the European Union as a whole is approximately 1.5 children per woman and that number is artificially inflated by the presence of millions of highly fertile non-European immigrants in the major urban centres of Europe.


This is how we think of a possible scenario. First Sweden will fall. Due to the fact of the ENORMOUS amount of Arabs and people from the middle east area and Africa. Then after the fall of Sweden, the rest of the NORDIC countries will perish. Next in line will be FRANCE followed by GERMANY and all of Europe and then the whole world where any white population has ever lived. The ultimate destruction of us as a people, will continue with USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA and so on, and at the end the whole white population will be extinguished wherever they have existed. First take a look at the 10 stages HERE

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