This horror scenario could happen anywhere!

Dictatorial regimes possible anywhere

All over the western world there are people sitting and thinking this could never happen to us? But is it so far-fetched? There are many perfect examples in our recent history which undoubtedly show that dictatorial regimes want to enforce their will to subjection, blackmail, servitude, intimidation, abuse, persecution and execution upon innocent people. However if we only look at the United States,  many Americans are strongly convinced and assuredly assert that such a thing could never happen in the U.S. But is this just desirous reasoning? The fact is that it can happen in the United States and in that case it can happen in any European country.

Or, is there something essentially disparate about the United States that makes it resistant to the despotic abuse that has afflicted every other considerable empire in history? The primary step in scrutinizing the assertion that it can’t happen here is to recognize and describe what “IT” is. Many people have distorted, almost comic-book-type, impression of dictatorship.

In the real world autocracy has always crept in under the pretence of safeguarding the nation, defending the people, and establishing law and order. A dictator, in order to acquire and hold power, must demand the support of the people. An effective oppressor cannot publicly display malevolence and desire for power but must design his approach so as to persuade the people that his goals are righteous, that he wants honesty and fairness to abound, and that the most desirable way to make that true is to give him or her dominance and authority.

Tyrannical governments develop by abusing people’s fears – economic uncertainty, crime, foreign aggressors and so on and persuading the people that the quick-fix is for a political leader to be legally given absolute jurisdiction so he can shield the people from the wickedness of the world. This is always the pattern out of which autocracy is born.

No matter how cruel or bloodthirsty regime becomes those in charge will persist to claim noble intentions and will dictate that an extreme government powers are required to protect the people and to create justice and order. Every time mankind has taken a step away from democracy and towards autocracy it was done in the name of defending the country and the people.


2 thoughts on “This horror scenario could happen anywhere!

  1. Fan of this site, and I’d like to believe I am an open thinker, but this piece reads like right wing scare tactics vomit. I must be the only gun-packing, no-shit taking, environmentally poised independent voter out there that isn’t frightened by the media. The arming of the police has been out of control since the first Bush administration, and yet people allow and vote in more budget. Corporations control America, and they don’t even pay their share of functioning taxes. Wind people up with a ‘backbone’ story and quit adding to the fear.

    • Thx for responding. I agree with you in some parts m8. Its not always the articles presented here reflects up to 100% the world views of the writers. But your point is noted and appreciated!


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