WANTED! Guilty for crimes against humanity by war, greed and gluttony

Guilty for crimes against humanity

For these following so-called individuals its good that they are either dead or wanted for what they’ve done against humanity. For it is because of exactly these kind of people we are living as slaves in this sick system. Because these crimes done to against humanity are certain acts which these individuals are guilty of, and have deliberately committed them as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population or an identifiable part of a population. Its either done for greed/money or power. We can live without them!

What’s written about crimes if you take a look at dis-info site Wikipedia is NOT entirely true. Because not even one case described there is for greed, gluttony or money? Check the site for yourself and search for the words gluttony or money within the text and you’ll see that they simply not exist. Now..only a real FOOL would think that none of these crimes included greed, gluttony or money right? Off course you can add-in the meaning of the word greed with money, but its still not presented as a cause for these atrocity’s.

Nicola Tesla

One good example of this greed is what happened to Nicola Tesla. And what Thomas Edison and JP Morgan and others did to him. Nicola Tesla was stopped and ridiculed instead of backed and helped by those who only had self agenda interests in the world around them.

The very people who had the ability to make the world a better more advanced civilization instead held back Nicola Tesla from developing the technology that would have pushed us far ahead. I cannot help wonder how many wars and deaths could have been prevented if Tesla had not been stopped from his work on free energy not to mention many other world advancing projects .

And not long ago Leonardo DiCaprio launched a fearsome attack on ‘corporate greed’ of oil companies at Davos awards ceremony. Di Caprio used his acceptance speech to criticise energy companies and demand more action from leaders, and with all rights. In the speech DiCaprio demands more action on the problem of climate change, saying:

“Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied, and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate.”

And I can only petty the ones holding us real freedom fighters back, by still holding on to the old obsolete system like Red or Blue politics or christian jew or muslim. Even buying the BLUNT LIES that the climate is in order and greed can continue. They are so dumb! They are only running errands to the ones who does have all the wealth in the world. Which was created for all of us in the first place.








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