How Much More Is Needed?


France Germany USA Belgium Denmark Sweden England Russia Australia The list can go on forever. And in these cases we are just talking about modern western societies. When will we all say NO to any-more muslim refugees in our countries. How many more must die? When will we put a stop to the multicultural experiments we are all participating in? HOW MUCH MORE WILL WE TAKE? HOW MANY MORE ATTACKS before we all act?

Are we just going to sit and watch as these muslim terrorists are destroying all of our nations?

A new terrorist attack have taken place this very day in Germany as at least nine people, possibly including a gunman, have been killed and an unknown number injured in a shopping centre shooting in Munich. Not long ago An ax-wielding attacked several people on a train in southern Germany late Monday evening this week. And a few more days back we had the Nice/France attacks.

I say, we must deport all of them, because the situation is now out of control. We are not longer safe in our own countries. Unless we act, and act soon! This is an impossible experiment that can NEVER succeed or work. NEVER! Because the so-called people they are letting inside our borders are just way to brainwashed to ever be able to function in a normal calm way. Its just that simple! The religion has done its job on their brains, and they are way beyond all help.


Use your legal rights and vote in the best way for your nation. Take a look at Britain, they took the first step and voted themselves out of the EU, and that’s a good start. Other countries must follow!



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