Mysterious relics were exhibited in Uppsala Sweden – Now forgotten?


Uppsala gold relics from 2003.

The summer of 2003 was a major archaeological survey of the spark south of Uppsala done. Grave findings were exhibited at the Uppland Museum in Uppsala. Some of the new findings had a strange resemblance of aliens.

It was in connection with the Ica Food Supermarket would build a shopping centre on the site that archaeologists began to explore the area, which is adjacent to a large mound of earth in the middle of a golf course in Sparks south of Uppsala (Swedish Church’s seat of power since 1164) Before that it was the main seat of  ASA tro. So off course the stinking church had to build on top of it. The remains appeared to be from the early 500s to the 1200s.

Despite the fire damage and grave looting, archaeologists managed to obtain knowledge of the contemporary society’s power elite and long distance contacts. The area around the spark turned out to be a place where a powerful dynasty seems to have buried their dead.

When the excavation of the soil layer was done, it revealed a startling content. The large burial mound was laid out over an adult male in the late 500s with findings that glittered with gold and garnets. The dead had been cremated. Another finding was the small wide-eyed creatures depicted in gold laid in a separate place. You can see that they have incredibly strong similarities with ET / EBE Zeta Reticuli greys.


These are Sumerian relics. These resemble the findings in Uppsala 2003.

Other graves were burned and fragmented, but testified about a great wealth and long distance contacts. Gilded weapons seizure set with garnets, pressure plate in silver from the helmet or shield, imported glass beaker and ceramics as well as game pieces of whale bones had been in the funeral pyre. In addition, the dead man had brought two horses, five dogs, a cow and a variety of birds such as goshawks, peregrine falcon and an eagle owl.

Nothing more has been written about these findings in 2003. And no other results has been provided as additional information from the scientists? All I could find in my research was 2 PDF documents and an image of the gold figures, but nothing that contained any information about the gold figures found in 2003. Why so quite?


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