Gary Webb Was Murdered – Always Remembered


I will never forget this case: He was a true human being. A human that knew what was wrong or right. Gary Webb was this human. But “ some things are too true, to get out” Gary Webb did put a spotlight on the DIRTY CIA and the Reagan administrations unholy alliance with anti-communist guerrilla groups and their supporters who were involved in drug trafficking. All this because of their Communist Paranoid Fear!! How ridiculous!!

He unravelled that the US governments agency CIA, turned Americans into junkies, so that they could pay and arm rebels in Nicaragua to fight communism. What cynical scared “small craps” these silly excuses for humans were.

For revealing this the excellent now missed reporter Gary Webb became a target of vicious mudslinging, leading to his alleged suicide, after he had revealed the all dirty CIA’s role in the arming of rebels in Nicaragua and importing cocaine into California. They had the disgusting taste to call it a suicide, after he allegedly fired 3 SHOTS in his own head?

Read what Sacramento County Coroner’s Office report claimed:

Coroner Robert Lyons said his office: “It’s unusual in a suicide case to have two shots,” he said, “but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility.”

So they want us to believe that after using a 38 calibre revolver and with the first shot (which entered Webb’s head just behind and above his right ear) missed the brain, and blew out Webb’s lower left jaw and the left side of his face off. He still was able to shoot himself in the a head a second time and maybe even a third time?

Come on..I mean just suggesting that Webb still had the “presence of mind” after half his face had been blown away to shoot himself a second time through the brain, killing himself but leaves unexplained how he might have gotten off the third round. (This information is very unclear)

A 38 calibre revolver is NOT a weak handgun ( it is NOT, anyone who has ever had any experience with one should know that)

Mainstream Media (MSM)

Gary Webb

And where were the MSM? Almost every one of them took CIAs side, and said that Garys sources were either not reliable or that they had changed their mind or that he couldn’t prove anything. And the Clinton affair came to light and Gary Webbs revealing fell forgotten.

Robert Parry writes for Consortium News:

“The Los Angeles Times’ cover-up has now continued after Webb’s death. In a harsh obituary about Webb, the Times reporter, who called to interview me, ignored my comments about the debt the nation owed Webb and the importance of the CIA’s inspector general findings. Instead of using Webb’s death as an opportunity to finally get the story straight, the Times acted as if there never had been an official investigation confirming many of Webb’s allegations.

[Los Angeles Times, Dec. 12, 2004.]”

You know..full of shit lackeys as always.

If you are a total MORON you could believe this. And apparently many do. So I guess many are gullible morons and that’s also how various agencies see people. Like stupid sheep. Has anyone from the precious CIA ever been charged for ANYTHING regarding what happened to Gary Webb? NO! Off course not.

Gary Webb and his bike

Things are beginning to come out now regarding the “death” of Gary Webb. Credible sources who were close to Gary Webb have stated that he was receiving death threats, being regularly followed, and that he was concerned about strange individuals who were seen on multiple occasions breaking into and leaving his house before his apparent ‘suicide’ on Friday morning. His Motorcycle was also once stolen? How coward were these idiots?

And remember that Ricky Ross, one of Gary Webb’s primary sources had spoken to Gary in the days before his death. Gary had then told Ricky that he had seen men scaling down the pipes outside his home and that they were obviously not burglars but ‘government people’. Gary also told Ricky that he had been receiving death threats and was being regularly followed. It was also mentioned that Gary was working on a new story concerning the CIA and drug trafficking. Obviously they were NOT going to allow this to happen. Because they killed him. Is this the kind of people YOU want to be in charge for your nations best and YOUR safety?

All those who follows any orders they know is wrong deep inside, should be punished hard. Because if they know something is wrong but still carry out those orders, they are so stupid that they should be punished for STUPIDITY in the first place. Then after that we could prosecute them for what ever..

“The CIA undermines and assassinates popular leaders abroad — and at home — and fixes elections abroad — and at home. This organization that routinely gets away with murder finds little challenge dominating the world’s narcotics trade. By reliable estimates the U.S. CIA and DOD usher in half of the narcotics that come into this country.”

“The very same persons responsible for massive drug trafficking advocate “toughening” the drug laws that alone make this trade so obscenely profitable. In the last 5 years the CIA has had 5 directors — none knowing what to do. The CIA is a staggering giant waiting to fall. The legislation to kill the CIA is waiting for acclamation.


Brian Downing Quig 12-11-96”

Gary Webb paid the ultimate price, but he will never be forgotten. And none of us will ever forget what you did..



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