Updated:German Government Calls for Immediate Stockpiling of Food & Water!

German Government Calls for Immediate Stockpiling of Food & Water

Reports are coming in from all over this morning that German officials now have called upon their citizens to stockpile food and cash without any real reason.

Some fear that War is immanent after declaring Russia an enemy, Others feel an economic collapse is coming. Either way German officials at least warn their people. So far there has been no other explanations to why this has gone out to the public. Update:

Germany expands its army for first time since Cold War in response to threat of Isis. We found that The German defence ministry i May released plans to recruit an additional 14,300 troops over the next seven years, to address the renewed confrontation with Moscow over Ukraine and bolster the fight against Islamic State (Isis).

“A quarter century of shrinking is over. It is time for the Bundeswehr to grow again,” Ursula von der Leyen, the defence minister said, announcing the expansion.

Germany already has some of the largest armed forces in the world, with 178,000 active troops, second only to France among EU members.

By comparison, Britain currently has around 159,000 active personnel.

Compared to Sweden:

Active personnel     19,951 Soldiers 22,000 Guardsmen Reserve personnel 12,000 Reservists. Gives a total of 53,951

Could this have something to do with the stockpiling of food?

Latest: What is going On? More nations are warning their citizens! Now it’s the Czech Government that Is saying..Prepare for the Worst! This report came in tonight 2016-08-24



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