Antarctica Nazi Base Station 211


This story has its beginning, long before the end of the Second World War, in 1938, the Nazis sent a large team of explorers including scientists, military units and building crews on war ships and submarines to the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica. While mapping the area, they discovered a vast network of underground warm-water rivers and caves. One of these caves extended down as far as 20-30 miles and contained a large geothermal lake. The cave was explored and construction teams were sent in to build a city-sized base, dubbed Base 211 or New Berlin, that hosted the SS, the Thule Society, “serpent cults,” various Nazi occultists, the Illuminati, and other shadowy groups.

Over 230,000 square miles of the frozen continent were mapped from the air, and the Germans discovered vast regions that were surprisingly free of ice, as well as warm water lakes and cave inlets.

One vast ice cave within the glacier was reportedly found to extend 30 miles to a large hot-water geothermal lake deep below. Various scientific teams were moved in to the area, including hunters, trappers, collectors and zoologists, botanists, agriculturists, plant specialists, mycologists, parasitologists, marine biologists, ornithologists, and many others. Numerous divisions of the German government were involved in the top-secret project. This is where the mainstream historians leave off, as only revisionist historians (and all of us awaken people) will dare consider the implications of the rest of the story.



The maps of Neu Schwabenland that cannot be exhibited in Germany on penalty of imprisonment

The ship selected for the Nazi mission was the ‘MS SCHWABENLAND, a German aircraft carrier. It was first used from 1934 for transatlantic mail delivery.


After all the data was gathered, deep underground construction teams came pouring into the renamed “Neu-Schwabenland”. They came on cargo ships, military transport ships, and submarines. The cargo ships coming from South Africa were protected by a host of killer-submarines and military ships. This might explain the intense Nazi war efforts in North and South Africa. Any ship that even came close to the shipping routes from South Africa to Antarctica were destroyed by German U-boats to protect the secret.

Covert Operations


Numerous ‘alleged’ covert operations took place during the Nazi era, and one of the most memorable is that of Neuschwabenland and their enigmatic Base 211 located within Antarctica.

Neuschwabenland or New Swabia is located on the Antarctic continent between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land. This faraway land was explored in great detail and documented by the German Antarctic expedition which even came across parts with warm fresh-water, ice-free areas and vegetation, in an area where according to science, everything is frozen.

“Grand Admiral Dönitz in 1943, “…the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress.”


According to geologists who participated in the German expedition, the areas where vegetation was present were due to hot springs or other geothermal sources. One of the most interesting quotes about Neuschwabenland and Antarctica comes from German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz who said that: “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.”

For half a century, rumours about secret Nazi expedition and a secret base called ‘Station 211’ has existed among writers and researchers. But were the Nazis equipped to carry out such fascinating missions? And is the above-mentioned quote from Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz true?

Station 211


According to a number of sources and rumours, ‘Station 211’ did exist, and if it did, then it must have been (maybe till is) located inside the ice-free mountain range in the Muhlig-Hofmann Mountains of Neuschwabenland, aka Queen Maud Land. However, today many people rush and dismiss the existence of secret bases on Antarctica suggesting there is no evidence to support such claims. As always, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

One good evidence that concludes the transport issue is the fact that Germany did build more than two dozen “super subs” during the war.  Each was the size of an aircraft carrier, but they weren’t built as war ships, they were underwater cargo ships.  Initially they were used to resupply the submarine “wolf packs.” Later, it would seem, they were pressed into transporting tools, equipment, raw materials, and perhaps even slave labour to the south polar base. This evidence also suggests that the U-boat traffic to Neuschwabenland continued even after Germany’s surrender in 1945. Which in itself supports Hitlers escape.


Uboot typ XXI U-2540 Wilhelm Bauer, A very BIG submarine!

“Then the French newspaper, France Soir, gave the following account of an encounter with such a German U-boat:

Almost one and a half years after cessation of hostilities in Europe, the Icelandic Whaler Juliana was stopped by an extremely large German U-boat.  The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas Islands [The Falklands] when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official Flag of Mourning – red with a black edge.

The submarine commander sent out a boarding party, which approached the Juliana in a rubber dingy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been unwise.

The German officer spoke a correct English and paid for his provisions in US dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana crew.  Whilst the foodstuffs were being transferred to the submarine, the submarine commander informed the Capt of Juliana the exact location of a large school of whales.  Later the Juliana found the school of whales were designated.”

But facts are difficult to track down since there is a mind-boggling amount of stories and ‘alleged’ witnesses who state the Nazis had created a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress at Neuschwabenland.

But It was finally reported on March 19th, 2012 that in fact nine thousand Nazi war criminals fled to South America after the Second World War. The information was released after German prosecutors were recently granted access to secret files in Brazil and Chile that confirmed the true number of Third Reich immigrants.


These secret files revealed that an estimated 9,000 Nazis, including Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmannand Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele fled to South America in the aftermath of the Second World War. There was no mentioning of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun or Martin Boorman. But we still know that history by now, don’t we? Link


Many authors propose that in 1946-47 Admiral Byrd, one of the most famous American polar explorers searched for secret Nazi bases. Many authors propose that the Operation Highjump —when Admiral Byrd had at his disposal the largest armada ever sent to Antarctica—was established to investigate a Nazi presence and got defeated, defeated good!


Operation Highjump included a staggering 13 ships, aircraft escort, aircraft carrier, a submarine, two destroyers and a total of 4,700 men with full battle gear in what was officially called an ordinary ‘training exercise.’

However, many people believe that Operation Highjump was anything but a training mission.

The flotilla included:

* A carrier (the Philippines Sea)
* two seaplane carriers (the Pine Island and Curritich)
* two destroyers (the Brownsen and Henderson)
* two escort ships (Yankee and Merrick)
* two fueling ships (Canister and Capacan)
* A submarine (the Sennet)




This is where operation ‘HIGHJUMP’ starts, including 13 ships, (The number of ships is often debated)1 aircraft carrier, 2 seaplane tenders, 6 two-engined R4D transports and 4000 men. The only official statement on the purpose of such a task force is the need for testing “new material under the extreme Antarctic conditions. The force starts up at the established US bases in the “ROSS SEA.

Then it moves up the western Antarctic coast heading toward the Northern Antarctic coast, ‘NEUSCHWABENLAND’ and building up a bridgehead on January 27th 1947 somewhere west of it. Officially the expedition is a big success because it delivers many new facts of the use of military equipment under extreme conditions.

“What is the need of such a big task force in this area? IF the expedition was such a success, WHY did Byrd already return to the US in February 1947? “

The operation was planned and equipped for a full 6-8 month duration. Did this expedition carry atomic warheads as some sources say? (Note: although the entire expedition lasted some 8 weeks as suggested earlier, some sources claim that the actual battle once Byrd’s forces had been divided into three main battle groups on the continent of Antarctica lasted only 3 weeks. – Branton) “– Byrd flew in 1947 at least one time in a right-twisted circle across the whole territory ‘NEUSCHWABENLAND’ heading from southwest over the ‘RITSCHER HOCHLAND’ and the eastern areas to the Pole.

“In 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica called “Operation Highjump”, and at least one follow-up expedition.”

“That is fact. It is undeniable. But the part of the story that is seldom told, at least in “official” circles, is that Byrd and his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic venture from “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion”

On his return to the US, Byrd reveals in an often quoted but nowhere validated interview with a reporter that it was “necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions” and that in case of a new war, the USA would be attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the next with incredible speed”

Byrd has to face a secret cross-examination by US authorities. The US withdraws from the Antarctic for almost a decade. (Note: Another claim which has been made by certain investigators, although the original source is difficult to track down, was that upon returning to the States Admiral Byrd went into a rage before the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff and in an almost demanding tone, strongly ‘suggested’ that Antarctica be turned into a thermonuclear test range. – Branton)

“World wide mass sightings of UFOs. In the late 70’s it becomes more and more obvious that many of these sightings are identical in some technical details with the ‘HANEBU’ series. This can be stated especially for the so-called ‘ADAMSKI’ UFOs in the early fifties which somehow look very terrestrial, nearly in “fashion style” of this decade and somehow very different from the rest of flat-bottomed crafts. “– The International Antarctic year with large civilian research projects starts. The result is the Antarctic treaty in which all participants agree to avoid any military operations this region in future times.

Another remarkable event occurred in 1999, but only specialists paid adequate attention to it.


A research expedition discovered a virus in Antarctica; at that, neither people nor animals had immunity to the virus. After all, Antarctica is far away, for this very reason the virus cannot be dangerous for the rest of the planet, especially since the dangerous discovery was deep in the permafrost.

However, scientists say that against the background of a global warming threatening the Earth, the unknown virus can cause an awful catastrophe on the planet.

Expert Tom Starmerue from the University of New York also shares the pessimistic forecasts of his colleagues.

We don’t know what the mankind will face in the South Pole in the nearest time due to the global warming. It is not ruled out that an unbelievable catastrophe may break out. Viruses protected with a protein cover survive even in the permafrost; as soon as the temperature gets warmer they will immediately start reproducing. American scientists treated the Antarctica discovery very seriously and even organized a special expedition that currently tests the ice for unknown viruses in order to develop an antidote in good time.

What is the source of the virus in Antarctica where only penguins can survive in the ice? There is no answer to the question, specialists are at a loss. However, several theories concerning the problem have been put forward.

A majority of scientists are inclined to believe that prehistoric forms of life probably survived in the permafrost. But some specialists blame the Third Reich for delivery of a secretly developed bacteriological weapon to Antarctica. And this theory arose not in a vacuum. It is known that already in 1938 Nazis suddenly became interested in Antarctica, they organized two expeditions to the area in 1938-1939. Who really knows what their real purposes was, for going there?




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