Confidence and Courage


We stand on the edge of the destruction of humanity and our planet, therefore we need Confidence, Courage, Love, Respect, Understanding to comprehend precisely, what human race needs to do in order to achieve real changes for the benefit of all mankind. As long as people do not see this great danger, nothing else matters.

Understanding of the strength of the individual,  the power of the collective,  the power of Love is essential! Human kind MUST realize, that 98% of the world has had enough of the capitalist, neo-liberalism system, and certainly the elite, who have failed completely. Confidence in contemporary politics is completely gone, because citizens are no longer represented by their so-called allies, chosen by the people. No wonder, that there is a cry of anger by people who are abandoned by their leaders and justice system.

Unfortunately, those who shout the loudest and express, with no effect “the great dissatisfaction”, are considered as a minority, and the minority is blamed for any failures of the corrupted systems.  It is clear and evident that the true originators of the previously mentioned elite are the culprits and causes of “the great dissatisfaction”.  In spite of the obvious, we are again misled by the deceitful and false arguments.  In a climate of “spiritual emptiness”, it is easy to create a religious phenomenon, such as “A false Messiah”. Far right, totalitarian people, such as:  Wilders, Marianne Le Pen, Viktor Orban, Erdogan and Trump. Beware! A secular religion.!!! Understandably, there is sand in our eyes, but we are not seeing blind and “hearing deaf”! Where have we heard that before? We lived through it. We experienced it. We were minorities such as war refugees, Mexicans, as depicted and designated as guilty, but in a different context…

So much of old much used paths, just as a strategy, “Divide and conquer, by chaos.” It sounds so familiar. History repeats itself, but there is one big difference, now, there are weapons of mass destruction.

It is time to find the Courage to stand up against loutish behaviour, against idle gossip and fight for universal truth, such as “Treat others in a way as you would like to be treated by others”. Life is really simple, only we, people make life difficult.
It is imperative to have Courage to stand up for your opinion, to speak your truth understandable and in a loving way, fed with wisdom and with proper arguments. The well-meaning man has a voice, and this voice should be heard, creating a snowball effect where out of something small, can grow something beautiful and grand in favour of mankind and our beautiful planet.

The strength of the individual.

As an individual, you can grow a seed in your immediate area, or you can touch someone and that someone touch another and so one. From 1 person to 5 persons, from 5 persons to 25 persons and so you finally reach the world.  The strength of the domino effect.

Should we let reign fear, helplessness and frustration, a very paralysing, blocking sensation? Fear of personal responsibility, fear of the unknown, fear of losing control, fear of death and therefore fear of life. The answer is “NO”!  One MUST takes responsibility for one’s own behaviour, and not to continue to be a victim of the demagogues and fascist authorities.

Reign courage! It is essential, vital and  important to our survival instinct and the desire for true freedom and human dignities, so we can  protect our highly endangered, precious planet, with flora and fauna. Awake and awaken others! Real awakened understand, that petty differences are not important, that EGO is not important, but that ‘ideal’ which awaken ones have woken up to, is extremely important and that by means of love and respect can make a difference, wake up , wake up others, connect and unite.


United we stand, divided we all fall. By working together, we can, with our own talents and gifts, reinforce each other. Every well thinking person wants prosperity, freedom, peace, love, joy, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The good and right ingredients and a universal truth to create a loving society.

Confidence and Courage. Looking at the amazing beauty of nature, its people, planet, universe, only gratitude, humility, modesty feeling, and yes also optimism. By living life in which we live, there’s faith and courage to live, to survive and to choose life. Because of the enormous power and desire of humans to survive as individuals and as a species, is common sense, rather than the madness of the day, victorious, eventually.

Courage we need to unite and connect, to represent the true voice of the people, which achieved universal values and where power and corruption has no soil any more. It takes courage, a charismatic and wise person, like Bernie Sanders, to stand up for humanity and our planet. It is a moral obligation to our future generations and our planet. We need more Bernie Sanders!

“Everything has been said and written, but using the power of repetition.”

By Lanaria Amberkira for The Awakezone

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln.


One thought on “Confidence and Courage

  1. Thanks and nice made. Love it and shared.

    THE AWAKEZONE schreef op 16 dec ’16:

    > The Awakezone Team posted: ” We stand on the edge of the destruction of humanity and our planet, therefore we need Confidence, Courage, Love, Respect, Understanding to comprehend precisely, what human race needs to do in order to achieve real changes for the benefit of all mankin” > >

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