New Secret Swedish Ultra Silent Sub

SAAB a26b

It is yet unknown what the new Ultra Silent Swedish submarine will be called, but it is super quiet and virtually vibration free. The advanced Swedish Stirling engine is at the centre when Saab Kockum produces the new submarine “A26” “working name” SAAB here unveils the super-stealth ghost submarine.

But how engine is built is top-secret, but we try to present as much as we got out of it so far. The name is after what we understand not even set yet. So A26 is the “working name”. We know that it can recharge itself under water, it means that it doesn’t need to go up to the surface to be charged. It can stay submerged for a month with its own oxygen supply.


This new submarine project was first intended to be an improved version of the Gotland class, which will be considered obsolete around 2015–17 according to Per Skantz, development co-ordinator at the Marine headquarters in Stockholm.

Gotland Class

The submarine would displace 1,900 tonnes and have a crew complement of 31 men. The 2008–10 military budget memorandum to the Minister for Defence by the Supreme Commander Håkan Syrén would require the type to cost no more than the current Gotland class (about 1.5 billion SEK).

The new submarine “A26” will have blue water capability, something earlier Swedish submarines have lacked.

Blue Water Capability are considered navies that have an international focus. They function in the deep waters (blue) across the globe. Today that would most clearly be the United States Navy, but there are 3-4 other nations that function in this regard in Europe. And Sweden is one of them.

Sub “A26” will be equipped with a modified AIP stirling propulsion system and GHOST (Genuine Holistic Stealth) technology, making the submarine extremely or almost totally quiet. It will also be designed to withstand significant shock loads from underwater explosions and would be able to “Launch and recover vehicles” through its torpedo tubes.

SAAB a26

The submarine’s bodywork would largely be composed of the same material that was used when constructing the Visby-class corvettes.

Decentralized Combat Management

“The combat system of the A26 submarine is managed from a Saab combat management system (CMS) specially developed for this submarine. Notably, instead of being a central system to which all other systems are integrated, the CMS is a subsystem linked to the CSIS which communicates using open standards. This allows integrated systems, including the CMS, to be individually upgraded or exchanged, thereby greatly reducing project risks typically found with large, complex and highly integrated systems.”


Sweden is one of few countries in the world to develop their own submarines and now hope to be able to sell the new submarine that are much quieter and harder to detect than any previous generations.

It has also received a large gap in the bow that can be used to drop off from the submarine divers, manned or unmanned vehicles or other equipment. It is an unusual solution that Saab so far seems to be virtually alone. It has been debated if the hatch will be useful or not, but most people involved in the project have total confidence in Saab’s engineers, who have assured full functionality.

for two years ago, SAAB took over the defence company Kockums with the entire Swedish submarine production. Since that SAAB company has received an order for at least two new submarines of the model A26 from the Swedish state for testing. The final amount of subs is not revealed at this point, or ever.

It really doesn’t matter if no other nations will buy it, it will still be the deadliest none nuclear submarine in any waters. The US navy can testify to that. And that was the old Swedish Submarine Type 🙂




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