The Best Top 10 UFO Sightings So Far!


Let us present to you the best Top 10 UFO sightings so far, we have never seen a better compilation than this. Nice!

Unfortunately all we can do is watch 🙂 The governments around the world can’t do ANYTHING about this or even acknowledge that its real. I mean WTF! they really do believe we are stupid. They’re sitting in their offices and just denying the whole thing. What a bunch of stupid idiots THEY are. Because they are owned to the bones. Due to the simple fact that any of the civilizations of EBE’s coming here has a far more advanced technology than we can understand.

No1 is probably the TR-3B but good images. No 2 and 5 ARE TRULY FANTASTIC VIDEOS, you can actually see the crafts shape beneath/through the light. Truly good!




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