CIA Releases Another Top Secret Photograph Showing UFOs Above Eiffel Tower!


There has been quite a few CIA releases lately of declassified images. Here is a couple more of them from France. Many UFO investigators are very delighted and hopeful about these new releases of hundreds of thousands of CIA declassified files containing important and fascinating details regarding the UFO phenomenon and other paranormal episodes.

These files contain a lot of previously top-secret info that seem so surreal like something out of a science fiction story. It speaks of many psychic experiments and extraordinary individuals. There are a lot of old photographs showing these experiments and mouth opening UFO sightings. We will continue to report about as many of these releases as we find interesting. Below a newly released and excellent image taken 1953 in Rhodesia.


The 12 million declassified pages were released thanks to the “Freedom of information act” (FOIA). Now UFO investigators world-wide can brag about on how they were right and that otherworldly entities have stepped into our world many times. HA HA! to you none believers! Or should we say sleepers?

There are some very fascinating photographs showing the classic flying saucer UFO hovering and glowing in many different places. In fact, there are several of these objects including one very interesting old photo showing two bright flying saucers above the Eiffel tower.

Watch the following video to know more! Click on the images above for full size!



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