US army and European forces would lose war with Russia in Europe


We can begin this forecasting process about Russia by looking at the country’s military capability. Russia has intervened in Syria to great fanfare, and it has demonstrated undeniable improvements in its capabilities, the Russian military has proven far stronger than most thought it would be.

Russia’s military power has continued to grow rapidly – especially in those parts of the country which faces Europe. And In a recent report to the government its noted that Vladimir Putin’s military exercises are in fact focused on a potential new major war.

– To prepare for large-scale warfare, says Fredrik Westerlund, research director at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI.


Russia could overrun Eastern Europe in just three days because NATO has not been bolstering its fleet since Vladimir Putin took Crimea, according to US military predictions.

Testing every possible scenario in a series of war games, a US military think tank has concluded it would take a resurgent Russia between 36 and 60 hours to push its almost 30 heavily-armored battalions past NATO’s lightweight 12 to occupy the Baltic States.

Not even all of Europes forces could handle a conflict with Russia in case the scenario would come up.

When asked two weeks ago in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee whether the Army was “outranged” by any adversary, U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said: “Yes … the ones in Europe, really Russia. We don’t like it, we don’t want it, but yes, we are outranged, outgunned on the ground.”

And a top military expert has warned that the US military is “woefully unprepared” for a fight against Russian troops, blasting: “America’s Army is poised for defeat in a European war.”

And also recently Trump threatened to dismantle the European-American alliance as we know it. Which would make it even harder if not impossible to win an eventual conflict.

satan II

And if it would come to a nuclear war nobody has more warheads than Russia. As it stands now, Russia has the most nuclear weapons 8,500 according to calculations provided by the non-partisan Ploughshares Fund, which advocates for a reduction in the number of such arms. They are also the most modern built.



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