Moon Hoax Confirmed


This video is one of the absolutely best evidence of the fact that USA did NOT go to the moon in 1969. The key evidence is presented here such as:

There is no crater made from the jet engine of the lunar module made in the moon surface when landing?

Second: There is NO dust made from the jet engine of the lunar module?

This photo is seemingly lit by 2 different light sources without any dust what so ever on the landing gears?

Third how can the astronauts talk calmly during the landing on the moon during 150 decibel noise made from the jet engine and still be heard without this interfering? The sound problem can’t be denied. Which has to do with the audio that was recorded. While listening to the astronauts talk during the descent to the surface of the moon, you never hear ANY noise what so ever from the engine although the loudness would be anywhere from 140 to 150 decibels, as loud as a jet engine at 100 feet away?

Fourth: How could they pass through the Van Allen radiation belt without all astronauts dying? And how could the lander that was partly made out of metal still be functional? In 2005, NASA again said in a press conference that the radiation problem was a ‘showstopper’ for man ever going back to the Moon.

In order to reach the moon, astronauts had to pass through what is known as the Van Allen radiation belt. The belt is held in place by Earth’s magnetic field and stays perpetually in the same place. The Apollo missions to the moon marked the first ever attempts to transport living humans through the belt. Conspiracy analyst contend that the sheer levels of radiation would have cooked the astronauts en route to the moon, despite the layers of aluminum coating the interior and exterior of the spaceship. And this statement is true and proven.

Five: Why did someone kill Gus Grissom? An outspoken critic of the Space Program. Why was Armstrong in-approachable after returning to Earth and why did NASA say that he has had some mental problems? Was he high on drugs, given to him by nasa? And is this the kind of astronauts they should be sending to the moon?

Six: What did nasa have to gain from faking the moon landing? Political superiority over Russia.

Seven: How could they go to the moon with computer-power less than a millionth of a modern pc power, and still be able to calculate off-drift and all the rest of the necessary calculations? And how did the astronauts solve the so-called computer problems?

“The Eagle’s computer, blessed with just 2K of memory, one millionth of the processing power of a modern laptop. Constantly overloaded. It started flashing ‘error’ messages all the time.”


After photographs of the moon landings were released, theorists were quick to notice a mysterious object (shown above) in the reflection of an astronaut’s helmet from the Apollo 12 mission. The object appears to be hanging from a rope or wire and has no reason to be there at all, leading some to suggest it is an overhead spotlight typically found in film studios.

The resemblance is questionable, given the poor quality of the photograph, but the mystery remains as to why something is being suspended in mid-air (or rather lack of air) on the moon. The lunar module in other photos appears to have no extension from it that matches the photo, so the object still remains totally unexplained.


One of the most famous photos from the moon landings shows a rock in the foreground, with what appears to be the letter “C” engraved into it. The letter appears to be almost perfectly symmetrical, meaning it is unlikely to be a natural occurrence. It has been suggested that the rock is simply a prop, with the “C” used as a marker by an alleged film crew. A set designer could have turned the rock the wrong way, accidentally exposing the marking to the camera.

NASA has given conflicting excuses for the letter, on the one hand blaming a photographic developer for adding the letter as a practical joke, while on the other hand saying that it may simply have been a stray hair which got tangled up somewhere in the developing process.

So in conclusion, the next time you come across something as extraordinary as landing on the moon, make sure you pay attention to detail. I believe that because of NASA’s obvious counterfeit, up to 50 percent of the population now presume Apollo 11 to be false. Although not officially admitted by NASA or the American government, the testimonies, photos and video footage are clear evidence that prove the first moon landing was a hoax- that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were not astronauts, but actually actors striving for renowned pride and fame.



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