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PEOPLE STAND UP AND SAY NO! – This shit`s gotta GO!

After being a witness to an extraordinary event, my whole life changed. I began investigating, UFO`s, Conspiracies which lead me to Religion and Black ops. I started a website (UFOFOO) where I published all my findings in these topics.


Some years past and I wanted a bigger more complete website. This is how Ray Alex Website became. This is how it use to look at first introduction page. And as always I used a huge variety of different headers. 🙂


About me

Hello! My name is Ray Alex and I’m a autodidact alternative news Journalist and Blogger / Researcher. This has been my call for the last 20 years. I’m also a trained PC technician. I was raised in Botkyrka a ghetto south of Stockholm Sweden. Unfortunately Ray Alex Web is now closed. But I have gathered all my knowledge under this new site, The Awakezone.

I have traveled and visited 15 Countries among them the Soviet Union during the Iron-Wall era, and Milan Italy where I also lived. I have been a Security Officer both for the government and as a freelance contractor. My commissions have been all from Swedish Police and Army to corporate company’s. Here you will find the latest and best alternative news, in my opinion. I will also present a lot of classic “Unexplained Mysteries “which i find very interesting. This new “The Awakezone” is Europe’s Best Alternative News!


About the software on my site, you can not download the software here anymore, but i have provided a few links to the best freeware and open-source software on the web today. Here.

Also take a look at Startpage by Ixquick and much more.

News! Startpage by Ixquick now provides Google results in total privacy!

Click here for details.

Also take a look at my Introduction page @ The Awakezone!

Ignorance is the root of all evil. That`s why not many knows the truth!

It’s not my role to play judge and jury for my “Unexplained Mysteries” posts, or to attempt to decide the truth for you or for anyone else.  The truth is for each person to reach for themselves. Every person has within them a sort of “truth barometer”.  I honour the right, power and capability of each individual to determine for themselves what they will believe or know. Accordingly, i encourage all of you to continue to research the authenticity of my posts and more information for yourself. I would also like to add : You all may be laughing at me because I’m different? But i laugh at all of you because you are all the same.

This Website Is Dedicated To The Memory Of The Worlds Greatest Scientist.

Unions, organizations and companies don’t hesitate join us now! Together we will be heard around the world there is a humongous power to achieve sustainable possibilities.