Richard Dawkins make all creationists look as dumb as rocks

Richard Dawkins

Here he is the man who really make all creationists look as dumb as rocks. That`s what they are. They are dumb as rocks. See for yourself!

Richard Dawkins, born March 26, 1941, is a British biologist, evolutionist, agnostic and leftist/liberal. Richard Dawkins popular books have promoted evolutionary pseudoscience to the maximum. Dawkins is also the former holder of the Charles Simonyi Chair of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University.

He is an ardent opponent of religion, which he dismisses as mere superstition. However, Dawkins is one of the principle founders of the New Atheism movement which is a form of militant atheism in terms of its rhetoric. In recent years, the prominence of Richard Dawkins and the New Atheism movement has  increased greatly.

Richard Dawkins is a vocal opponent of Islam. Despite his opposition to religion/Christianity, Dawkins indicated: “Christianity may actually be our best defense against aberrant forms of religion that threaten the world”. As far as the origin of the universe, Dawkins wrote that the “universe literally evolved out of nothing”.

Here are some quotes from Richard. Notice that I don’t agree with all of them, should be added. As I believe that we do have a soul. But its my soul and nobody can claim it but me. Fuck religion!

“Don’t kid yourself that you’re going to live again after you’re dead; you’re not. Make the most of the one life you’ve got. Live it to the full.”

“The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.”

“Religion is about turning untested belief into unshakable truth through the power of institutions and the passage of time.”

“Natural selection will not remove ignorance from future generations.”

“My eyes are constantly wide open to the extraordinary fact of existence. Not just human existence, but the existence of life and how this breathtakingly powerful process, which is natural selection, has managed to take the very simple facts of physics and chemistry and build them up to redwood trees and humans.”

William Pawelec

William Pawelec

Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. Mr. William Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007.

Among his many revelations is information concerning the development of the first electronic RFID tracking chips that were developed as early as 1979 according to Pawelec. He explained the history of their development, and the role his Denver-based company played in setting up meetings with government agencies, which were interested in using the chips for security purposes.


Pawelec said that the small company responsible for making the billions of tiny chips “was a division of a rather major European electronics firm that had the plant known as Siemens.

John Greenewald, Jr

John Greenewald, Jr

When I first started to look deep inside the UFO phenomena after having my first real UFO experience myself. John Greenwald Jr. was the first person I ran across in this topic. And just look what this guy has achieved. It’s really amazing what one man can do. I really admire John for his persistent will.

John Greenewald, Jr. is a research/activist who began researching government conspiracies at the age of 15. He wrote his first book Beyond UFO Secrecy at 20, and has developed the Black Vault website.

John began simply with the question of whether any true evidence or documentation of UFOs exists, when he learned of the Freedom of Information Act. And his persistent requests for previously classified documentation on UFO sightings and investigations through legal (but often hard to navigate) channels has resulted in his now famous website “The Black Vault.”

Blackvault is one of the largest online communities of its kind in the world with over 149,000 government documents, over 10,000 archived news articles, and over 14,000 photographs of military aircraft and UFOs.

The Black Vault has been referenced as one of the largest technological achievements on the internet.

His website has won over 60 awards.

David Wilcock – Contact in the Desert 2014

David Wilcock

I should’ve posted this earlier but as you all know I’m trying to catch up with my library here on the Awakezone.

“editor’s note”

David Wiilcock is my personal favorite among all the other “UFO – Ancient Alien – Artifacts and Cosmos” lecturer. He always seem to find a positive way in all predictions about catastrophes and armageddon theories. He is crystal clear in all of his lectures and that’s one thing I like with David. And during many of David Wilcock’s radio and video interviews, he references and/or recommends a number of resources that he has harvested much valuable information from, which include books, movies and videos.

David Wilcock is the New York Times bestselling author of The Source Field Investigations, a scientific revelation of a coming Golden Age deemed “magnificent” by esteemed scholar Graham Hancock. Wilcock has appeared on broadcast television, lectured throughout the United States and Japan, published a variety of magazine articles and appeared on numerous radio talk shows.

David Wilcock reincarnated Edgar Cayce

He is the co-author of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” available in bookstores nationwide. At the time of writing the book, from 2000-2003, Wilcock’s web presentation was divided between expressing as a “channeler” and a scientist. At present time, he leans more towards being an “intuitive scientist” and a scholar of ancient civilizations.

Someone who had deeply studied Edgar Cayce, became certain that David Wilcock was a current incarnation of Cayce and I was most interested in studying the channeled communications coming through him.

And a summary of his latest scientific work also appears therein, where a breakthrough case for mass, spontaneous DNA evolution on Earth is unveiled. David is also an accomplished musician and composer within a variety of styles, including jazz-fusion, meditative and world music.

For more information, visit

Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt

Michael is a military aerospace historian and has held lectures across the USA on the subject of “Mystery Aircraft”, and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. He is very easy to listen to and have a good way in presenting his facts.

He was a guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (the world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts who have had first hand experience dealing with classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance.

Michael is a private pilot and military aerospace historian, he currently works as an aerospace draftsman/researcher.


David Icke – A man against the stream

David Icke

First I have to say that In my opinion, David Icke is a great spokesman and he has gathered a lot of evidence that supports his somewhat odd theories. He is intense but at the same time easy to listen to. Look at his lecture ‘Ruled by the Gods’ (video below) and then draw your own conclusions.

For many years, David Icke has been writing books that blend conspiracy theory and science fiction in ways that usually provoke pity or accusations of insanity. In some people, however, they provoke devotion and even a curious form of faith. David Icke promotes New Age conspiracy theories involving reptilian humanoids controlling humanity and many prominent figures being reptilian. I don’t know if I can believe that, but It has been suggested that the theories may be a form of satire.

”  The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity. A herd. Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are.

David Icke”

David Icke has incorporated elements from some anti-Semitic conspiracy theories such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion with all rights I must say. But some of them has caused accusations of the reptilians representing Jews which Icke has denied. This may have been misplaced at that time, but we all know now what the jews are behind. So David was only a bit, ahead of his time.

Ruled by the Gods


Michael Tellinger : Ancient Technology and the Ubuntu Movement

Michael Tellinger

Let me introduce you to a man who is a discovery-man and in fact a modern real-life Indiana Jones. Michael Tellinger, is an author, scientist and explorer. And for me he has become a mentor and a voice of reason. Michael has made some really  groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. I know it’s from 2013 but it’s so good that I decided to post it anyway.

His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books. Michael has discovered that the Sumerian civilization left behind a detailed account of human activity in millions of clay tablets that continue to reveal critical human behavior and outlines the relationship between the Anunnaki gods and the people of Sumeria.

And thinking about Michael s archaeological discoveries that began in 2003 suggest that the Sumerians may have inherited much of their knowledge from a civilization that emerged many thousands of years earlier in southern Africa, already thought to be the cradle of humankind. These discoveries also suggest that the same deities, who have become known as the Anunnaki through the works of Zecharia Sitchin and many others, were also very active in the lives of the people of southern Africa, more than 200,000 years ago.

Michael Tellinger:

After my personal explorations on foot and by air over the ruins, I confidently estimated the number of ancient stone ruins to be well over 100,000. This figure was confirmed by Prof. Revil Mason in January 2009. But after doing an extensive count on Google Earth and other aerial photographs I concluded that there are at least a staggering 10 million of these circular ruins.

The mystery deepened when I found out that they have no doors or entrances in their original form and therefore could not have been dwellings. They were all originally connected by what we now call channels – (which our history books call roads that tribes drove their cattle on) and are also surrounded and connected to an ongoing grid of agricultural terraces that cover more than 450,000 square kilometers. This clearly points to a vast vanished civilization who grew crops on a gigantic scale.

Scholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumeria some 6000 years ago. And new archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger, Johan Heine and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived in Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold. Ring a bell?

This is exactly what we learned from Zecharia Sitchin discovery’s examining old Sumeria and the story’s about the Anunnaki. I remember reading/writing about it it was staggering. The Anunnaki began to arrive on Earth some 3-400,000 years ago, establishing settlements in the E.Din (later Mesopotamia) and one of their missions was exactly mining gold in southeast Africa.

Michael Tellinger About: Ancient Technology and the Ubuntu Movement

Stanton Friedman

Stanton Friedman_1

Stanton Friedman has spent decades in researching the Roswell crash. He is probably the most knowledgeable person on this particular crash in history. Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer Stanton T. Friedman received his BSc. and MSc. Degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist by such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas working in such highly advanced, classified, eventually cancelled programs as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and various compact nuclear powerplants for space and terrestrial applications.

He became interested in UFOs in 1958, and since 1967 has lectured about them at more than 600 colleges and 100 professional groups in 50 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces and 18 other countries in addition to various nuclear consulting efforts. He has published more than 90 UFO papers and has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs including on Larry King in 2007 and twice in 2008, and many documentaries.

Stanton was also very involved in solving the authenticity of the famous Majestic 12 papers. The Majestic-12 papers first came to light in 1984, when a film cassette with photographs of the papers were mailed to Jaime Shandera. At the time, Shandera was not involved with UFO research and was a little known producer of documentaries. So one might be quite curious as why the papers were “leaked” to him, unless you know that one of Shandera’s good friends was UFO researcher and author William Moore. Together with Stanton Friedman, they eventually released the papers some two years later. These papers became cornerstones in several books about Roswell, including Stanton Friedman’s Crash at Corona and TOP SECRET/ MAJIK. And in 1996, after researching and fact checking the Majestic 12 documents, Friedman said that there was no substantive grounds for dismissing their authenticity: Link

Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan to me is always a “voice of reason” he is very easy to listen to and always clear any doubts you might have listening or reading about his work. Bill was one of the two founders to Project Camelot. He has a BSc in Mathematics with Physics and Psychology (Bristol University, UK, 1974), and followed this with a brief stint in teaching. For 27 years he was a management consultant specializing in personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching. Major long-term clients included BAe (Systems) Ltd (formerly British Aerospace), Hewlett-Packard, and Pricewater-house-Coopers.

In November 2005 he inaugurated the Project Serpo website, the report of an alleged disclosure, in stages, of a US-alien exchange program which took place over 40 years ago. While he had been interested in UFOs, Free Energy research and alternative medicine (he is trained as a kinesiologist) for over thirty years, his first contact with the UFO community at large occurred after establishing the Serpo website. He resigned his management consultancy post in May 2006 and co-founded Project Camelot.  As of January 2010, he moved on to head up Project Avalon ( and the Avalon Forum. Which provide very interesting reading I might add.

Bill Ryan’s commentary on the RULERS OF THE WORLD interview

Klaus Dona

Klaus Dona

Klaus Dona, of Vienna, Austria, is one of the world’s leading experts on Out of Place Artifacts, unique ancient remnants from long-departed people and civilizations that appear to connect us with advanced visitors from the cosmos and beyond. Author Laurel Steinhice is honored to present the first English language profile of Klaus and his fascinating work.

Klaus Dona is also the man who found the 430 artifacts in an Ecuadorian cave that basically prove the existence of the Orion Group (a group of aliens from Orion) Klaus’ cave discovery is one of the greatest archeological discoveries of all time IMHO. Klaus Dona is an adept researcher IMHO, who`s been on a quest for artifacts that should not exist according to current science.

He has been able to research more than 3500 pieces of so-called ‘Ooparts‘ out-of-place artifacts like crystal skulls, ancient world maps, mysterious continents and tools that defy modern technology and have no logical explanation. His research does not provide final answers but opens up many important questions about human history and forbidden archeology which the almost useless mainstream science should address..