Akrij – The Friendship Case


This is really an extraordinary Italian case of alien contact with humans, kept secret for half a century, has finally come to light. In Pescara, in 50’/70’s, a group of extraterrestrials contacted directly an unsuspected number of people. The project was called “Friendship”. The humans were carried on their bases, even on board of UFOs. Almost all of the involved people belong to Italian high society. Among them, the famous consul Alberto Perego. The witnesses of such incredible experience are finally determined to speak. The exclusive footage and photos that they collected are simply amazing.

Newspapers talked about it, people wanted to know, but nobody could penetrate the mystery. What was going on? Strange flying machines were playing the skies of Italy. It was the fifties. Some people took incredible photos, others were frightened and shouted “They’re here, they’re among us,” while still others believed that aliens came to help. But who were they; where were they from, and above all what did they want?

Until recently, the phenomenon of contactism, or the deliberate encounter, repeated over time, between man and evolved extraterrestrial entities, was believed to involve only a few chosen individuals, or contactees.

Many of them went down in history. George Adamski, Howard Menger, Eugenio Siragusa, just to name a few, all of them faithfully abided by this cliché. But in 2007, something happened that would change the cards on the table. Stefano Breccia, and engineer from Marche, living in Abruzzo, published some startling papers that seemed to reveal the story of repeated direct encounters between more than 100 people, and extraterrestrial beings living in numerous secret bases on our planet.


The main figure of the event told by Breccia is the writer Bruno Sammaciccia. The case is said to have taken place mainly in and around Pescara. It would all begin in 1956, and would last for many years. The film clips and photographs that have emerged so far are of considerable interest. But even more extraordinary are the testimonies of the individuals involved. Everyone called their story “friendship.” And that is the name that has come down to us today. Thanks to Stefano Breccia’s courage, one of the most awe-inspiring sagas in ufology has come to light. It wasn’t an easy decision to decide to make it known.

It all started from an idea from Bruno Sammaciccia. He’d been thinking about writing down his experiences, and then asked Breccia to be the one to do it. And so he was at his house for a month to record his stories. Then he put everything together. Besides granting his dear friend’s wishes, Breccia had set himself another objective. One reason is, he hoped that it might work as bait to encourage other people in the group to come forward.

Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella are among those still alive today who were involved in the “friendship” event, and who accepted Breccia’s invitation to come forward. They now live on the shores of Lake Como. Gaspare admired Stefano’s courage to expose himself so directly, despite being a well-known figure in science and academia. Gaspare De Lama became a fan of ufology in the late 40s and, together with his wife, sought a path to greater awareness. Even Gaspare’s mother took part in the events.

This UFO contact case that has been kept secret for decades is now revealed.

Moon Hoax Confirmed


This video is one of the absolutely best evidence of the fact that USA did NOT go to the moon in 1969. The key evidence is presented here such as:

There is no crater made from the jet engine of the lunar module made in the moon surface when landing?

Second: There is NO dust made from the jet engine of the lunar module?

This photo is seemingly lit by 2 different light sources without any dust what so ever on the landing gears?

Third how can the astronauts talk calmly during the landing on the moon during 150 decibel noise made from the jet engine and still be heard without this interfering? The sound problem can’t be denied. Which has to do with the audio that was recorded. While listening to the astronauts talk during the descent to the surface of the moon, you never hear ANY noise what so ever from the engine although the loudness would be anywhere from 140 to 150 decibels, as loud as a jet engine at 100 feet away?

Fourth: How could they pass through the Van Allen radiation belt without all astronauts dying? And how could the lander that was partly made out of metal still be functional? In 2005, NASA again said in a press conference that the radiation problem was a ‘showstopper’ for man ever going back to the Moon.

In order to reach the moon, astronauts had to pass through what is known as the Van Allen radiation belt. The belt is held in place by Earth’s magnetic field and stays perpetually in the same place. The Apollo missions to the moon marked the first ever attempts to transport living humans through the belt. Conspiracy analyst contend that the sheer levels of radiation would have cooked the astronauts en route to the moon, despite the layers of aluminum coating the interior and exterior of the spaceship. And this statement is true and proven.

Five: Why did someone kill Gus Grissom? An outspoken critic of the Space Program. Why was Armstrong in-approachable after returning to Earth and why did NASA say that he has had some mental problems? Was he high on drugs, given to him by nasa? And is this the kind of astronauts they should be sending to the moon?

Six: What did nasa have to gain from faking the moon landing? Political superiority over Russia.

Seven: How could they go to the moon with computer-power less than a millionth of a modern pc power, and still be able to calculate off-drift and all the rest of the necessary calculations? And how did the astronauts solve the so-called computer problems?

“The Eagle’s computer, blessed with just 2K of memory, one millionth of the processing power of a modern laptop. Constantly overloaded. It started flashing ‘error’ messages all the time.”


After photographs of the moon landings were released, theorists were quick to notice a mysterious object (shown above) in the reflection of an astronaut’s helmet from the Apollo 12 mission. The object appears to be hanging from a rope or wire and has no reason to be there at all, leading some to suggest it is an overhead spotlight typically found in film studios.

The resemblance is questionable, given the poor quality of the photograph, but the mystery remains as to why something is being suspended in mid-air (or rather lack of air) on the moon. The lunar module in other photos appears to have no extension from it that matches the photo, so the object still remains totally unexplained.


One of the most famous photos from the moon landings shows a rock in the foreground, with what appears to be the letter “C” engraved into it. The letter appears to be almost perfectly symmetrical, meaning it is unlikely to be a natural occurrence. It has been suggested that the rock is simply a prop, with the “C” used as a marker by an alleged film crew. A set designer could have turned the rock the wrong way, accidentally exposing the marking to the camera.

NASA has given conflicting excuses for the letter, on the one hand blaming a photographic developer for adding the letter as a practical joke, while on the other hand saying that it may simply have been a stray hair which got tangled up somewhere in the developing process.

So in conclusion, the next time you come across something as extraordinary as landing on the moon, make sure you pay attention to detail. I believe that because of NASA’s obvious counterfeit, up to 50 percent of the population now presume Apollo 11 to be false. Although not officially admitted by NASA or the American government, the testimonies, photos and video footage are clear evidence that prove the first moon landing was a hoax- that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were not astronauts, but actually actors striving for renowned pride and fame.








CIA Releases Another Top Secret Photograph Showing UFOs Above Eiffel Tower!


There has been quite a few CIA releases lately of declassified images. Here is a couple more of them from France. Many UFO investigators are very delighted and hopeful about these new releases of hundreds of thousands of CIA declassified files containing important and fascinating details regarding the UFO phenomenon and other paranormal episodes.

These files contain a lot of previously top-secret info that seem so surreal like something out of a science fiction story. It speaks of many psychic experiments and extraordinary individuals. There are a lot of old photographs showing these experiments and mouth opening UFO sightings. We will continue to report about as many of these releases as we find interesting. Below a newly released and excellent image taken 1953 in Rhodesia.


The 12 million declassified pages were released thanks to the “Freedom of information act” (FOIA). Now UFO investigators world-wide can brag about on how they were right and that otherworldly entities have stepped into our world many times. HA HA! to you none believers! Or should we say sleepers?

There are some very fascinating photographs showing the classic flying saucer UFO hovering and glowing in many different places. In fact, there are several of these objects including one very interesting old photo showing two bright flying saucers above the Eiffel tower.

Watch the following video to know more! Click on the images above for full size!






The Best Top 10 UFO Sightings So Far!


Let us present to you the best Top 10 UFO sightings so far, we have never seen a better compilation than this. Nice!

Unfortunately all we can do is watch 🙂 The governments around the world can’t do ANYTHING about this or even acknowledge that its real. I mean WTF! they really do believe we are stupid. They’re sitting in their offices and just denying the whole thing. What a bunch of stupid idiots THEY are. Because they are owned to the bones. Due to the simple fact that any of the civilizations of EBE’s coming here has a far more advanced technology than we can understand.

No1 is probably the TR-3B but good images. No 2 and 5 ARE TRULY FANTASTIC VIDEOS, you can actually see the crafts shape beneath/through the light. Truly good!






Westall 66 UFO: A Suburban Mystery


The Westall UFO encounter is an event that occurred on 6 April 1966 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Around 11.00 am, for about 20 minutes, more than 200 students and teachers at two Victorian state schools allegedly witnessed an unexplained flying object which descended into a nearby open wild grass field. The paddock was adjacent to a grove of pine trees in an area known as The Grange (now a nature reserve). According to reports, the object then ascended in a north-westerly direction over the suburb of Clayton South, Victoria, Australia.

It was a sunny, breezy day in autumn, April 6 to be exact. Field sports were underway for a morning class at Westall High School. A few students saw it first, and then a few more. They described it as a disk, gray or silver, about the size of two family cars, and about four football fields away. It hovered silently, and then descended out of view behind a row of pine trees to the south of the school.


A few minutes later it emerged, only now it was being pursued by a squadron of five light aircraft, and now its movement was faster. The object, now described as a small, bright streak of light, darted about with the aircraft playing a game of cat and mouse. After 20 minutes the strange object and the airplanes pursuing it went out of view. As soon as they had the chance, almost 200 students scrambled toward the trees and found the grass flattened where the object had undoubtedly landed while it was out of view. Back at the school, all students and staff were instructed not to talk about what they’d seen. Intimidated by the sight of military personnel, the students have allegedly remained silent ever since.


Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery, directed and edited by Rosie Jones, is a riveting and unique look at what happened in the Westall suburb of Melbourne in 1966. Westall High School was the centre of the biggest mass UFO sighting in Australia, yet the event was deliberately suppressed. Jones and her team try to find out why.

At the mention of UFO’s, you may be bracing yourself for a film peppered with tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorists, but you may have to revise your opinion.

Candid eyewitness accounts reveal active, attentive people who have lived with a memory that brought them ridicule, and censure, but the stories they tell and the pictures they draw show that they have not forgotten what happened.

As the film progresses, a variety of techniques maintain the delicate and deliberate balance of fact and opinion. Jones marries the austerity and somberness of statistics, recordings, and interviews with playful sketches, poignant clips, and animated narration. This approach underscores a commitment to present an objective, transparent film that is visually diverse.

Jones’ commitment to neutrality has a similar effect on the participants and overall tenor of the film. Consequently, we hear students, labourers, community members, researchers, and others talk about what occurred on that fateful April day, and the curious happenings that followed.

They all report seeing something above the paddock that did not look like anything they had ever seen. Some saw it land; some saw it fly away. However, they were all told by school authorities, or police, or other officials in uniform to keep quiet. Many of them were punished and ridiculed if they tried to talk about it, and so they kept silent. Still, they remember what they saw, and thus, the mystery persists.

In the end, Jones successfully delivers a film that may fascinate you, intrigue you, or simply encourage you to keep listening.




When a UFO program spread panic and Ministry of Defense got the hiccups


Highlights from newly released British MoD UFO files

In 1972 the Ministry of Defence was agonising about a televised debate on UFOs, fearing it would encourage the British public to believe in little men from outer space. Documents released at the Public Record Office reveal official anxiety as to what would happen if the Royal Air Force took part in a BBC programme about unidentified flying objects.

On one hand they feared they would fuel UFO hysteria – but on the other hand they feared conspiracy theorists would have a field day if they refused to take part in the show.

When an official did give an interview to the BBC, it just sparked more controversy – with one letter writer requesting to meet the government’s expert in languages from outer space.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, there was a huge growth in sightings of apparently unidentifiable flying objects, many of them near to RAF bases.

One of the best cases from England is from 1971 Oxfordshire UFO sighting.

The film was shot by an ATV camera team on 26th October 1971 in Oxfordshire with a length of 50 sec.

The object was seen by a six-man camera team in the clear sky above Oxfordshire, who at that time were shooting a film about life in Cotswald. It was a bright, apparently, round object that left behind a broken contrail.

The film shows the apparently stationary object at a height of several kilometers, which then began to move at great speed and produced a contrail. Thereupon it stopped again almost instantly. The film ends with the “shooting” of the object at a speed that the camera could not follow.

Mr. Kilby said, “No known airplane could behave like this object, we did not hear a sound, I guess it was between 13000-16000 meters high, the object was bright orange The Midlands, in the evening in the program “ATV-today”.

Watch the full UFO film HERE

In 1971, the BBC’s current affairs programme Man Alive decided to investigate sightings over Banbury, Oxfordshire, and asked the Ministry of Defence for assistance. This was not such a straightforward request as it would seem. Air Commodore Anthony Davis found himself nominated as the ministry’s official UFOs spokesman – though his colleagues had deep concerns as to the whether he should take part in the programme at all.

“We do not know who will be in the audience,” wrote Air Commodore Brothers.

“Mr Davis could well be the target for cranks and fanatics and others who profess to believe in ‘little men from outer space’.”

“Unless you have any other thoughts on the matter we propose to tell the BBC that we are only prepared for Mr Davis to take part in a filmed interview.”

Ministerial rethink David Filkin, the programme’s producer, urged the ministry to think again and he won round the top brass. “On balance, it would be better to do this and face up to the possible difficulties of dealing with a hostile audience of cranks and fanatics rather than the alternative risk of leaving the field to the fanatics and giving the impression that we are afraid to stand up to questions,” concluded officials.

Having decided to take part, the ministry was so determined to quash UFO rumours, officials arranged for RAF Lightnings and one US Air Force Phantom to be filmed flying in formations that they said were the basis for the rumours. “Good colour film taken [by the BBC] at dusk should show the fire-cones of their jet effluxes in re-heat, apparently hovering and then moving sharply away, as often described in UFO sightings,” Air Commodore Davis told the ministry. “On UFOs, I found both the producer and interviewer apparently fully in sympathy with the MOD point of view; they have probably had their fill of the cranky ufologists whom they have already interviewed at length.

Gordon Creighton, a foreign diplomat from the Ministry of Defence

The man from the ministry came away satisfied that the MOD has quashed the rumours for good – not least after his successful performance during the subsequent studio discussion. Do you speak Uranian? Unfortunately, that did not turn out to be the case and the letters kept coming in to the ministry – including one from a Mr Gordon Creighton of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Not a contributor to the BBC programme Like many UFO enthusiasts, Mr Creighton thought the program was a seminal moment in the battle to prove the existence of extraterrestrials.

“It was not only epoch-making for its treatment of the subject but that the star performer of the evening was a gentleman who, if my memory is not at fault, holds a government certificate of proficiency in the more exotic branches of xenoglossy and speaks fluent Uranian or Plutonian,” he wrote.

Mr Creighton said he and other enthusiasts desperately wanted this official to appear as a guest-speaker at UFO clubs around the country. “I have made several unsuccessful attempts to locate him – could you be so good as to put me in touch with him or indicate how he may be contacted?” Unfortunately for Mr Creighton, the men from the ministry denied they had a chap conversant in alien languages.

“This department has no knowledge of the person you mention,” came the terse reply. “I can only suggest that the staff of the BBC programme may be able to assist you.”

How much MoD material has been released so far?

209 files and around 52,000 pages of documentation have been released so far. This is in addition to a number of UFO files that had already been released under the old Public Record Act, the best-known provision of which was the so-called 30-year rule, which said files could be considered for public release 30 years after the date of the most recent document contained in them.






TV crew disappeared without a trace in Antarctica


This story begins in 2001 when one of the world’s great secrets was revealed: An ancient structure that lay encased miles under the hard Antarctic ice was detected by a roving spy satellite.

The US military immediately moved to quash the reports and despite the news blackout, reports still surfaced that a secretive excavation project had commenced on the heels of the discovery.

Following the frenzied events, of early 2001, the news broke of a mysterious medical emergency that forced an evacuation of unnamed personnel during the depths of the Antarctic winter–the first event of its kind during the dangerous South Pole winter season.

And In November 2002, according to archaeologist and adventurer Jonathan Gray of World Education Research Ltd, a California TV crew went missing.

This is where the story begins about the California TV crew who were filming in the Antarctic, and went missing in November 2002.

The team apparently left behind a video documenting an ancient ruin found below the Antarctic ice.

The US Navy SEALs were the ones who found the video while on their rescue mission for the missing TV crew. At that time, the spokesperson of the company Atlantis TV has said that the US government will find ways to stop the airing of the video found by the Navy rescuers. And this US Navy Seals mission is also a clue to the newly discovered ruins.


This information is from Jonathan Gray, an adventurer and archaeologist from World Education Research Ltd. It has been published in Archaeology News Flash.

Is it possible that the following structures have something to do with it? And are they connected to the supposed ancient structure under the ice?


Furthermore, a strange unidentified object has been found not far away from the ancient ruins. The object in question seems to have weirdly shaped lines and it doesn’t look like a rock or fit anywhere in the surrounding landscape.

Google Earth Coordinates: (Distance from Entrance 1 to Unidentified Object is 56 km.)

Ancient Ruins: 66°17’10.5″S 100°29’07.8″E
Entrance 1: 66°36’14.70″S, 99°43’11.11″E
Entrance 2: 66°33’6.60″S, 99°50’24.84″E
Unidentified Object: 66°14’43.81″S 100°32’48.73″E

To this day, the Atlantis TV crew who filmed the archaeological dig remains missing. It is said that the massive ruins are around 3200 meters of ice.

Despite the allegations, the lawyers of the company emphasize that the primary concern of the company is the TV crew’s safety, not the said video. However, they have also stressed that in the event of any move to censor the material by the US government, they would oppose it. Further stating that Antarctica is not under the US jurisdiction. The continent does not belong to any nation in the world.

Atlantis TV is still fighting for their right to the video, because it is their property as their crew were the ones who filmed it.

If the video, indeed, exists, archaeologists will surely find evidence of how people lived before, or how the city survived before in an extreme environment such as Antarctica.

It may lead to explanations on whether Antarctica has always been barren, or if it was different in ancient times. Once the video is returned to its rightful owner, Atlantis TV have stated they will have no second thoughts on airing it and will let the public know of this new discovery.

“The U.S. government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters) beneath the ice,” a spokesman from the production company who represent the crew said at the time of their disappearance.”

The Chief Editor of a small (now long de-listed) US TV station explains the events that lead to disappearance of one of their TV crews live on air. The clip above shows actual footage from the live broadcast as the crews lighting goes weak, they find snow in a hallway and lose direction in the house before losing contact. They were never seen again.

What happened to the TV Crew? Were they killed or something else?







Declassified UFO secrets from the CIA and USA government


Here I would like to continue our articles about these “unmentionable” flying objects in our skies. And declassifications of certain UFO documents from the CIA and the US government. There are today many who believed that evidence of alien contact and UFOs are deliberately concealed from the public. Although some secret remains hidden, others have been revealed to the public. And it’s no secret any more that the state and military secrets range from frightening to the absurd, although most of them are anything but dull something even stupid sceptics would agree.

From supersonic flying saucers to fight the Soviets to a project that gave rise to secret military bases that were said to experiment with otherworldly technology. In this article, we take a look at five military, and CIA secrets that have been declassified to the public.

While these projects have recently become available to the general public, it makes you think about all the stuff that’s currently being kept from us.

Project 1974: When the government wanted to build a flying saucer


The so-called ‘project 1974’ was an imposing initiative by the American military Force. Details behind Project 1974 were kept a secret until 2012, when the United States Air Force revealed diagrams and sketches of “PROJECT 1974″. The idea was to build a flying saucer to patrol the skies and bring down Soviet bombers –among other things.

In a memorandum which dates back to 1956, it was stated that the flying saucer was expected to reach ” maximum speeds of Mach 3 and Mach 4, at a height of about 100 thousand feet and a maximum range that went beyond a thousand nautical miles.”

However, the project didn’t really succeed.

Engineers who worked on the project didn’t even come close at completing it. In fact, they had only managed to design the prototype when they abandoned their efforts. The reason? They never managed to reach 100,000 feet. In fact, they never managed to exceed flying over 5 feet from the ground.

In addition, after tests in December 1961, it was concluded that the flying saucer design was aerodynamically unstable and would have been uncontrollable at high speeds.

Area 51: Aliens, Flying saucer and the unimaginable


Ironically, this (ex) secret facility located in the desert near Groom Lake, Nevada, is the best known of them all.

Bob Lazar

Among the first to mention its existence was Bob Lazar.

In 1989, one Bob Lazar claimed to have worked in reverse engineering applied to extraterrestrial technology – recovered from incidents such as Roswell – in the secret facility called S-4, which was built south of Area 51’s main site.

The claimed that he was fired after the government discovered he was filtering information to his friends and informing them of the best areas from which they could watch test flights of ships powered by extraterrestrial technology in which he worked trying to replicate.

Decades after people started speculating about the existence of such facility, in August of 2013, after denying its existence for years, the CIA finally declassified and recognized the existence of Area 51.

While many were expecting to hear something about aliens and alien technology this never happened. The government only admitted that the facility was used to test a variety of spy planes, including the famous U-2. No details about ET were ever given even though millions of people speculate that there’s something strange going on in the facility.

Project Grudge


At a time when UFO sightings were at their best, Grudge’s goal (1949-1952) was to determine if such objects represented a potential threat to national security.

Thousands of UFO reports were collected, analysed and archived. Even though this has been the latest UFO-related project of the USAF that has been made public so far, it is suspected that the investigations continued in secret.

Furthermore, critics of the Grudge Project claim that the program was created to debunk UFO reports rather than scientifically clarify them.

In his book on the subject, USAF captain and project director Edward J. Ruppelt says: “…In doing this, standard intelligence procedures would be used. This normally means an unbiased evaluation of intelligence data. But it doesn’t take a great deal of study of the old UFO files to see that standard intelligence procedures were not being followed by Project Grudge. Everything was being evaluated on the premise that UFOs couldn’t exist. No matter what you see or hear, don’t believe it…”

As Dr. Michael D. Swords writes, “Inside the military, Maj. Aaron J. Boggs in the Pentagon and Col. Harold Watson at AMC Air Material Command were openly giving the impression that the whole flying saucer business was ridiculous. Project Grudge became an exercise of derision and sloppy filing. Boggs was so enthusiastically anti-saucer that General Cabell ordered General Moore to create a more proper atmosphere of skeptical respect for the reports and their observers.” (Swords, 98)

Operation Paperclip


Operation Paperclip (1946) was the code name for an operation carried out by the United States Intelligence and Military Service in which more than 1,500 Germans, mostly scientists but also engineers and technicians, were brought to the United States from post-Nazi Germany. The idea of the project was to extract information regarding the so-called Marvelous Weapons of the Third Reich, such as rockets, chemical weapons, and medical experimentation, after the collapse of the Nazi regime during WWII.

The JIOA’s recruitment of German scientists began after the Allied victory in Europe on May 8, 1945, but U.S. President Harry Truman did not formally order the execution of Operation Paperclip until August 1945.

The most famous recruit was that of NAZI aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun, who would become the mastermind of NASA’s Apollo missions.

Secret Document Reveals UFO And Alien Existence; Details Show Biology And Languages


A personal document of a scientist holds the secret regarding the aliens, UFO and other secret government programs. The document is titled Pulsar Project and it reveals the aliens’ activities.

The content of the document that was revealed in public claims that it is a personal diary of a scientist who is working for the U.S. government over the years. The unnamed scientist was ordered to visit the so-called UFO crash sites and investigate any alien life forms that were captured and then analyse the data.

The authors of the document claim that the scientist had listed down the notes during his confrontation with alien life forms and the UFO crash sites.

However, the scientist was caught writing down his personal notes and was scheduled for termination. He then moves away from the country before the termination happens.

The content also reveals the different alien races scientifically. Their biology and the language for communication have been stated. The Auricmedia uploaded the documents and shows nine different alien languages. It includes Antarian, K’Thai, Nordic, Pleiadian, Orion, Vegan, Grey Universal and Universal Communication symbols.

Not only that but the documents led to the pharmacology of aliens as well. It also revealed that aliens are equipped with Psionic powers, which are the ability to mentally control surroundings, create or rearrange matter or project illusions.

The documents lead to the government projects such as the “Project MKultra.” The CIA conducted dozens of experiments on the effects of chemical and biological agents on American citizens without them knowing. However, all records with regard to the project are destroyed and lost, as reported by Gizmodo.

Paul Hellyer

Meanwhile, in a report by Express, last year Mr. Paul Hellyer made the headlines worldwide after revealing that there are 80 different alien species. He was the Canadian Minister of Defense from 1963 to 1968 and in 1969 was appointed as a deputy prime minister, but ousted himself as a UFO believer 11 years ago.

Mr. Hellyer said that the governments across the globe are covering up the existence of aliens. He added that, “The reason I know is that I interviewed the previous one, who is now deceased, and he went to Langley and the CIA asked if he would like to see one of these crafts.They flew him to Area 51 and let him go inside one and observe it and make notes and this sort of thing.”


Blue Planet Project.pdf

Pulsar Project.pdf






FBI`s Declassified Report About UFOs and Otherworldly Beings


There is nothing new with this declassification, but posting it anyway, just so we wont forget about it. And it is no secret any more that governmental agencies are keeping matters regarding otherworldly visitors out of reach, but the FBI has recently initialized an attempt to redeem their name by declassifying a fully documented report about UFOs and intelligent being from other dimensions that have been visiting Earth. Could all this fuzz be due to the openness from the Russian side?

Over the years there have been reports of UFO sightings throughout the world. Some individuals even caught unexplained UFOs on video. But no matter how many sources came forward with evidence of stuff that defied logic it seemed as if no government agency, especially in the United States wanted to admit there was such a thing as aliens beings from other planets coming to Earth. In fact, many government agencies went out of their way to discredit any evidence brought forth that is till now.

FBI Reveals UFO Documents

It would seem that the FBI one of the agencies that have gone out of their way to discredit any proof is now coming forth themselves. Yes, the agency that once said that the documents surrounding the incident at Roswell, New Mexico back in the forties is bogus is now apparently saying something totally different. It would seem that the FBI are the first US government agency to show documented proof that UFO’s are a known fact.

One of the documents that have been disclosed by the FBI back in 2011 dated back to 1947. The document which was drawn up by a Lieutenant Colonel who chose to keep their name from being disclosed went into detail of much UFO activity that was taking place and reported to the agency during that time. Some of the stuff disclosed was that the aliens seem to come in peace and that the aliens seem to be human-like in origin.


The “special” FBI agent who wrote the report was a lieutenant colonel whose identity remained anonymous for obvious (national security) reasons.


So, why the need for all the cover-up over the years and why now decide to come forward? Well, perhaps it had to do with not wanting to cause a mass panic. After all, no amount of aliens coming in peace may have calmed down the masses. It’s one thing to have people start to wonder if any of this is true and create conspiracies theories it’s another to give fact to it.

As for coming forward now, well it’s a little hard to keep this under wraps any longer. With the amount of advanced technology to the general public and even the scientific community, it’s virtually impossible now to say we are alone in the universe. So, it’s quite possible that the FBI could be the first in a long line of government agencies to come forward to admit that yes UFOs have been visiting the planet Earth for years.

Below is a transcript with the most interesting details from the FBI report:

– Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control

– Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane

– These visitors are human-like but much larger in size

– They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world

– They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us

– The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter

– The disks possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace

– The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. – Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

– They probably cannot be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that (apparatus)

“The Lokas are oval shape, fluted length oval with a heat-resisting metal or alloy not yet known the front cage contains the controls, the middle portion a laboratory; the rear contains armament, which consists essentially of a powerful energy apparatus, perhaps a ray.”






Aghartha In The Hollow Earth


One of the biggest cover-up of all time is the fact that there is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, whose civilization’s name is known as “Aghartha”. This may be hard for some of you to believe. I know it was for me at first, however, I now have an absolute knowingness of the truth of this.

To begin with, the Buddhists, in their theology fervently believe in its existence. They believe it to be a race of super men and women who occasionally come to the surface to oversee the development of the human race. They also believe that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and many cities, and their capital is Shamballa. The Master of this world was believed to have given orders to the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who was his terrestrial representative. His messages were being transmitted through certain secret tunnels connecting this inner world with Tibet.

The famous Russian channel, Nicholas Roerich, who was a channel for the Ascended Master, El Morya, claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel with the inner earth, Shamballa. The entrance of this tunnel was guarded by lamas who were sworn to secrecy. A similar tunnel was believed to connect the secret chambers at the base of the great pyramid at Giza, and Agartha.

The Indian epic, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita are the two most famous texts of India. The Ramayana tells the story of the great Avatar Rama. The Bhagavad Gita tells the story of Krishna. The Ramayana describes Rama as an “emissary from Agartha”, who arrived on an air vehicle. This is quite extraordinary in that both the Buddhist and Hindu religions separately refer to Aghartha.

The first public scientific evidence occurred in 1947 when Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew directly to the North Pole and instead of going over the pole, actually entered the Inner Earth. In his diary with other witnesses, he tells of entering the hollow interior of the Earth, and traveling 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life. He tells of seeing monstrous animals resembling the mammoth of antiquity moving through the underbrush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization.

His plane was finally greeted by flying machines, the type he had never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing place and he was graciously greeted by emissaries from Aghartha. After resting, he and his crew were taken to meet the Ruler of Aghartha. They told him that he had been allowed to enter Aghartha because of his high moral and ethical character. They went on to say that ever since the United States had dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagosaki, they had been very concerned for their own safety and survival. They had decided that it was time to make greater contact with the outside world to make sure we didn’t destroy this planet and their civilization with it. They had been allowed in for this express purpose, as a way of making contact with someone they trusted.

To make a long story short, Admiral Byrd and his crew, upon their visit, were guided by their hosts in their plane back to the outer world, and their lives were changed forever. More

In January, 1956, Admiral Byrd led another expedition to the Antarctic and/or the South Pole. In this expedition he and his crew penetrated for 2,300 miles into the center of Earth again. Admiral Byrd states that the North and South Pole are actually two of many openings to the center of Earth. I can’t but help think about Jules Vernes famous science fiction book, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, which many of you may have read or watched the movie version movie.

Admiral Byrd also states Inner Earth has an inner Sun. Admiral Byrd’s theory is that the poles of the Earth are convex, rather than concave. Ships and planes can actually fly or drive right in.

The American press announced Admiral Byrd’s discovery, however it was immediately suppressed by our good friends, the Secret Government. Ray Palmer, the editor of “Flying Saucer Magazine” did a detailed story on Admiral Byrd’s discovers. The United States Government either bought, stole or destroyed almost every copy and then destroyed the plates at the printing press.

I have been told that the exact same thing happened in respect to an article done on Admiral Byrd’s discovery by the “National Geographic”. The magazine was released and the U.S. Government gobbled up almost every issue. If the story wasn’t true how come the Government was so uptight?

Another interesting fact is that the United States Government does not let planes fly over the poles. All flights are directed to go around the Poles, and any airline pilot flying in these areas will tell you this. Another interesting phenomena is the fact that the icebergs are composed of fresh water and not salt water that drift from the Poles. Another interesting question is why it is warmer nearer the Poles than it is 600 to 1000 miles away from it.

In Dr. Raymond Bernard’s book called “The Hollow Earth” he tells of a man who confirmed Admiral Byrd’s story. Dr. Nephi Cotton of Los Angeles reported that one of his patients, a man of Nordic descent, told him the following story:

“I lived near the Arctic Circle in Norway. One summer my friend and I made up our minds to take a boat trip together and go as far as we could into the North country. So we put a months worth of food provisions in a small fishing boat and set to sea.

“At the end of one month we had traveled far into the north, beyond the Pole and into a strange new country. We were much astonished at the weather there. Warm, and at times at night it was almost too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so strange that we were both astonished. Ahead of the warm open sea we were on what looked like a great mountain. Into that mountain at a certain point that ocean seemed to be emptying. Mystified, we continued in that direction and found ourselves sailing into a vast canyon leading into the interior of the Earth. We kept sailing and then we saw what surprised us… a Sun shining inside the Earth.


“The ocean that had carried us into the hollow interior of the Earth gradually became a river. This river led, as we came to realize later, all through the inner surface of the world from one end to the other. It can take you, if you follow it long enough, from the North Pole clear through to the South Pole.


“We saw that the inner surface of the Earth was divided, as the other one is, into both land and water. There is plenty of sunshine and both animal and vegetable life abounds there. We sailed further and further into this fantastic country, fantastic because everything was huge in size as compared with things on the outside. Plants are big, trees gigantic and finally we came to giants.


“They were dwelling in homes and towns, just as we do on the Earth surface, and they used a type of electrical conveyance like a mono-rail car, to transport people. It ran along the river’s edge from town to town.


“Several of the Inner Earth inhabitants, huge giants, detected our boat on the river, and were quite amazed. They were, however, quite friendly. We were invited to dine with them in their homes, and so my companion and I separated, he going with one giant to that giant’s home and I going with another giant to his home.


“My gigantic friend brought me home to his family and I was completely dismayed to see the huge size of all the objects in his home. The dinner table was colossal. A plate was put before me and filled with a portion of food so big it would have fed me abundantly an entire week. The Giant offered me a cluster of grapes and each grape was as big as one of our peaches. I tasted one and found it far sweeter than any I had ever tasted outside. In the interior of the Earth all the fruits and vegetables taste far better and more flavorsome than those we have on the outer surface of the Earth.


“We stayed with the Giants for one year, enjoying their companionship as much as they enjoyed knowing us. We observed many strange and unusual things during our visit with these remarkable people, and were continually amazed at their scientific progress and inventions. All of this time they were never unfriendly to us, and we were allowed to return to our own home in the same manner in which we came… in fact, they courteously offered their protection if we should need it for the return voyage.”


Another different account about a visit to the hollow Earth was cited by another Norwegian by the name of Olaf Jansen, and was recorded in a book called “The Smoky God”, written by Willis George Emerson. The term “Smoky God” refers to the Central Sun in the hollow interior of the Earth which is smaller and less brilliant than our outer Sun, of course, and hence appears as smoky.

The book relates the experiences of a Norse father and his son who in their small fishing boat attempted to find the “land beyond the North wind”, which they had heard about. A windstorm apparently carried them through the polar opening into the hollow interior of the Earth.

The book was published in 1908. It tells of the son’s experiences. They apparently spent two years there and upon returning through the South polar opening, the father lost his life when an iceberg broke in two and destroyed the boat. The son was rescued and told his incredible story.

He was placed in a prison for the insane because no one would believe him. After being released and spending 26 years as a fisherman, he moved to the United States. In his nineties he befriended Willis George Emerson and told him his story. On his death bed he also gave him maps that he had made of the interior of the Earth and the manuscript of his experiences. The book, “The Smoky God”, tells of his experiences.

In the book he said that the people live from 400 to 800 years and are highly advanced in science. They can transmit their thoughts from one to another by certain types of radiations and have sources of power greater than our electricity. They are the creators of flying saucers, which are operated by this superior power, drawn from the electromagnetism of the atmosphere. They are twelve or more feet in stature.

One other interesting side note is that in 1942, Nazi Germany sent out an expedition composed of some of its leading scientists in an attempt to find an entrance to the hollow Earth. Göring, Himmler, and Hitler enthusiastically endorsed the project. The Fuehrer was convinced that the Earth was concave and that man lived on the inside of the globe.

In “The Hollow Earth”, Raymond Bernard also tells of a photograph published in 1960 in the Toronto, Canada Globe and Mail, which shows a beautiful valley with lush, green hills. An aviator claimed that the picture had been taken from his airplane as he flew “beyond the North Pole”.

The Channelings of Djwhal Khul on the Hollow Earth

Whenever I do research on a given subject I like to get Djwhal Khul’s feedback on the information I have come up with. Upon sharing with Him what I have shared with you in this book, he had a number of interesting things to add.

First off, he confirmed that Admiral Byrd did, indeed, travel to the Inner Earth as he said he did. He said that there is a Sun in the Inner Earth, but it is different than our outer Sun. He said that the Aurora Borealis was not caused by the Sun of the Inner Earth, but from a different light source. he said that the opening at the Poles were very wide and ships and planes can fly into it, however it is naturally protected by some kind of energy field. People can find it if they really search for it, however, it is slightly camouflaged by this energy field.

He confirmed that there were entrances to the Inner Earth in Egypt, Tibet and the Yukatan, and also added that there were other entrances in the Bermuda Triangle, Soviet Union, and Africa.

He said that there were different races in the Inner Earth just like on the surface of the Earth, and some of them are quite tall. He also confirmed that the United States Government and other countries are aware of the Inner Earth and are coverin up the fact as they are with UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

By Dr Joshua David Stone